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La candidatura del PLD trazará el rumbo de 2024

The PLD application will list the syllabus for 2024

Although it is clear that Luis Abinador of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and Lionel Fernández of the Popular Force (FP) will be the presidential candidate, the candidate led by the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) will be shortlisted. The course of the 2024 presidential election.

Today is 44 days for sympathy consultation which means purple candidate. Since then, analysts will have key elements to understand the prospects of the elections.

The political struggle for power in 2024 will have at least two novel features, if PLD members are aware of them and want to completely revise their old practices, they can use them well to convert them into votes.

That means the PLD’s candidacy is going for its first presidential bid against the new re-election bid of Lionel and Abinader; And in a moment of political transition that Latin America is experiencing.

PLD factor

Any of the six candidates who win the PLD presidential nomination will enter the race for power for the first time, which could be a novelty compared to Abinader, who is running for his fourth term, and Fernandez, who is running for his sixth term.

Naturally, there are significant differences in leadership and popular acceptance among PLD presidential candidates Luis de Leon, Maritza Hernández, Francisco Domínguez, Margarita Cedeño, Abel Martínez and Karen Ricardo.

Margaret or Abel

It is obvious that the candidacy will be limited between Margarita and Abel, because the others – with the permission of their expectations – have little chance of establishing themselves above the former vice president and the current mayor of Santiago.

When choosing between Margarita and Abel, PLD supporters will define the “ideological” course that the PLD will take in its discussion of key national issues and the era of change sweeping Latin America.

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If the chosen one is Margarita, the result will be a margin of acceptance in the wider social sectors applying for changes in the PLD candidacy, women’s rights, social inclusion, etc.; If the chosen one is Abel, the PLD will send a message that they are entering the race to prove who is the most conservative among Abinadar, Lionel and Abel to occupy the presidency.

In a contest to show which candidate is the most conservative, no one is going to beat Abhinadar, a conservatism voters prefer because he has the greatest control over resources in both, apart from what is shown from the government. All kinds of visitors to defeat enemies.

A fight akin to challenging Manuel Jimenez to see who can sing “Derroche” better in front of ten thousand people, or show which of the two can climb Mount Tina first, can be set off on foot from Liberty Park. Okowa.

I’m not saying that Margarita is the Dominican model of progressive thinking that runs unimpeded in Latin America, but she is a more liberal figure than Abel and more than Abinador and Lionel.

If the PLD chooses Margarita, it will send a signal that it will go after a group of liberal voters who continue to push for change in Latin America.

If he chooses Abel instead, he wants a more conservative approach to the country to fill the vacuum left in the region by the governments of Sebastian Piñera in Chile, Ivan Duque in Colombia and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil.

A progressive wave

It is an obvious fact that recent years have seen the failure of conservative (politically) and neoliberal (economically) governments in Latin America, and that large numbers of people clearly vote for candidates who claim to be progressive.

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The failure of the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles last June, this time hosted by the United States, shows that “elite democracy” without progressive voices is losing ground in the region.

After the summit, there was a huge victory for Gustavo Pedro in Colombia, a former militant of the April 19 Movement (M-19), with the beauty Francia Marquez as vice-president.

In a country where the weight of oligarchy and US political influence was strong in South America, the victory of Pedro and Marquez was loaded with symbolism.

After the success of Colombians who threw conservatism out of power, President Rodolfo Hernández, a candidate of that political current, opened “big malls” in the region, aware of this reality and willing to pay. They have a great opportunity to change politically to make big changes in the Dominican Republic.

left space

Since 1985, the absence of a left-wing candidate due to leadership weaknesses and accumulated institutional deficiencies has centered the political conflict between the PRM, PLD and FP parties.

I know there are efforts to unite the rest of the Left spectrum in the country, but I don’t believe in expectations because there is no strong and innovative leadership capable of incarnating and electorally representing those political fragments of the country.

That’s the big flaw, and trying to artificially create it only leads to new disappointments.
After the massive mobilization called by the Green March since January 2017, who can explain why an independent political marker has not emerged to garner progressive votes in the 2020 elections?
The wear and tear caused by the Green March for Danilo Medina and the PLD government has been replaced by Luis Abinader and the PRM, who have a conservative brand and a harassing approach to picking their political opponents?
What explains the fact that the most outspoken leaders of ‘civil society’ enlisted in the Abinadar-BRM government and remained silent in the face of massive scandals in the current government that had been their concern in the past?

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The result of the accumulation of the Green March was the political apparatus of the PRM, which distributed pieces to the once-progressiveness in the government and handed over ministries to the business community and awarded them huge contracts for the use of heritage.

It is a new opportunity for the left to continue to play the role of “brave little horse carrying a burden and not realizing it” until they reach a programmatic agreement and political commitment, which only Margarita can do in the current situation. , and undoubtedly, proving the essence of the PLD, she needs to face two conservative re-election candidates: Abinader and Lionel.

It remains to be seen whether Margarita sees where the votes of the millions who want a flag to represent them lie, or whether she thinks it is enough to support her candidacy in the arms of an oligarchy like her opponents.

The first path provides him with oxygen, the second is occupied by Lionel and Abinador, who have already enjoyed – in a different era than today – their business connections with the oligarchs.

I’m not done with the lesson.