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The Players Union The discrete players who brought yes CUF to the classic world - SwingCompleto

The Players Union The discrete players who brought yes CUF to the classic world – SwingCompleto

By Miguel Guerra

«I just discovered the news, I wanted to verify the information and contacted them, the information is correct. The manager contacted them directly and they expressed interest in participating with the Cuban Federation in the El Clasico,” Iglesias said.

As a core member of the Association of Cuban Professional Baseball Players, Raisel Iglesias commented on the decision they made with these players, he did not specify the names, but Andy Ibáñez and Yoan López are the figures who have publicly affirmed their support for the organization. months ago.

“We made a decision that they could not continue with us, on the matter of the association, and that was the decision that was taken,” added Ressel Iglesias.

“I spoke with them and told them the consequences that all this could lead to the decision they made and they agreed not to continue with us in the Cuban Professional Baseball Players Association.”

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“All the boys (the footballers’ association) have made this decision, those of us who are fighting for this, have decided to take them out of the association, they are left out.”

“A lot of people will say we act like them (the Cuban Baseball Federation), but we can’t have two people playing on the same side.”

Several comments from people close to the Cuban sports establishment indicated the possibility that these were not the only players agreed to participate by the Cuban federation representing the four-letter team in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Exactly about this possibility, Iglesias commented:

“As March approaches, more baseball players will continue to show up, because they (the Cuban Baseball Federation) are desperate, knowing that the athletes on the island don’t count to have a competitive team, they will keep calling more people.

Then, you can enjoy the Cuban Major League player’s intervention on the program.

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