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The player from America who did not appear before Liga MX

The player from America who did not appear before Liga MX

America has not yet closed its roster for Clausura 2022 In which he will start his participation next Friday with his visit to Puebla. However, the Liga MX page has uploaded the records of the footballers who are currently authorized by each organization to play in this competition.

in case if the Eagles, registered players already appear in the system. Even Diego Valdes with his number 10 He is already appearing as a midfielder in blue cream, although it’s the only one of the reinforcements that can actually be seen as part of the team officially before MX . League and your page.

In this case, Jonathan dos Santos It has not yet been registered. It must be remembered that in their situation they will carry out a specific process of validation as an element formed in Mexico due to a short passage by the core forces of Scheme From Monterrey, where he even played with his brother Giovanni dos Santos.

At the moment the reason behind it jonah It does not appear with the registration in the system MX . League It is likely that in the next few hours he will actually appear so that he can be considered with them an American element before the body that governs national football clubs.

Reinforcements have been removed

Within all of this, what is the truth America You won’t be able to count on it Diego Valdes Ne Jonathan dos Santos For the match against Puebla because they are both in the process of adjusting my body. It is expected that the third day match against them will be considered atlas Every time history game 2 vs Mazatlan Rescheduled for February.

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