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The Platines and another second-tier team can be invited to the National League next season

The Platines and another second-tier team can be invited to the National League next season


Platency Have received a little hope of staying in National League for the next season. Shark, as you mentioned Wolverie Guzmanhead of the first department, the Buenos Aires entity can be invited.

Confirm that hierarchy the next day General Assembly subordinate National League He will address the problem he will face next season Honduras I played with 12 clubs.

Although it was not on the agenda, the topic of 12 teams participating in the Betcris League next season was discussed. It’s not official, he said, it’s been brought up on the agenda at the upcoming assembly.

Of course, there are some prohibitions in the league laws that will prevent Platency You’ll be invited to land, but regardless, there will be two guests to upgrade, Guzmán confirmed.

We know that the relegated team will have to wait a year to participate again in the First Division. We’ll see if we can invite Platense and another second-tier team or two for promotion. The assembly is the league’s highest authority and can determine if Platense can play as a guest team.”

Wolverie Guzman He also spoke about the ruling in favor of real community s Honduras progresswhich led to the downfall of Platini.

“After about three hours of deliberation, a full analysis of the notice received from Fenafuth has been made and, surprisingly, we have received a notice from Victoria informing the University of the complete and absolute withdrawal of all that has been done which opened the doors so that at the meeting he was left without agreement on the suit and with that the Certification that what happened in the league was in accordance with commercial laws.”

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“Teams were stressed that this type of event should generate knowledge so that we don’t distort highly competitive tournaments again.”

Will he be punished? The Secretary of the National League, Salomon Galindo, came forward and confirmed that he acted correctly at the time of the registration of Real Sociedad and Honduras Progreso.

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Wednesday 27 April 2022

Also, chief Honduran National Associationconfirmed that Platency You can still appeal, but the time you have is short and the chances of a favorable ruling are slim.

“Platense understands that he has lost this category mathematically. They have the opportunity to continue with the corresponding cases, but the time is short. We made them see that when they had to defend their interests, they were in a completely different situation than they are now, because they did not think of losing the category” , close.