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The pioneer of artificial intelligence resigns from Google and warns of the future

Jeffrey Hinton It is one of the pioneers of technology artificial intelligence (AI). computer world 75 years old He is best known for his work developing computational technologies for Deep learning -deep learning- which, over the years, became the bedrock of the We are witnessing a technological revolution.

But wait, why are we telling you this? because Hinton quit Google And this week, in a revealing interview with The New York Times alerted About the dangers that the technological future draws.

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For a respected computer scientist, the situation seems complicated. The technological revolution of artificial intelligence – that gets half the planet excited – It can easily get out of control. “It’s hard to know how we’re going to stop bad actors from using it to do bad things.”Hinton said.

The pioneer of artificial intelligence resigns from Google and warns of the future

Jeffrey Hinton Working in Google For more than a decade, after the giant corporation bought his company. inside of Google Developed the most advanced models of Image recognitionwhich is a technique It is a very important part of ChatGPT or any of Amnesty International that They make art or pictures.

But the joke of this story—besides remembering the academic’s credentials—is to tell them so Quit your job at Google to Talk openly about the risks that technology poses to the future.

In an unprecedented interview with The New York Timesthe world – Who has not yet publicly engaged in a critical reference to the technology – male the The main risks related to disinformation and its effects on public life. “We will never know what is true,” said the scientist.

His biggest criticism, however, is semi-arms race owned by technology companies.

Although he made it clear Google “Act responsibly,” he expressed skepticism about technology that could easily slip away from our hands. He warned the world that this competition may be impossible to stop. Remember what things were like 5 years ago and what they look like now.The world spoke to the New York Times. “Now take that difference and spread it to the future. It’s scary.”

Jeffrey Hinton, Artificial Intelligence Pioneer, University of Toronto // Image: University of Toronto

As he warned in his interview The risks of artificial intelligence to employ millions of people And of course, he even came up with an idea future in which Killer robots exist.

The idea that these things can become Smarter than people Few believed it. comment. “I thought you couldn’t. I thought 30 or 50 or more years were missing. I obviously don’t think the same thing anymore.”

interview him with The New York Times It ends with an interesting comparison. Jeffrey Hinton date for Robert Oppenheimera theoretical physicist –guided by science condition development of atomic bombs. “When something is technologically interesting, you do it.”He said.

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