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The Philippine National Police impounded a bus transporting citizens to the Edmundo Gonzalez event in Parota

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Delsa Solorzano, national coordinator of the Encuentro Ciudadano political party, reported that the bus that transported citizens to the event of the unionist candidate, Edmundo Gonzalez, to an event in Cumbres de Coromo, municipality of Barota, was detained by officials of the Bolivarian National Police. (BNP).


Solorzano explained on his social networks that “in a country where there is supposed to be free transportation, they tell us that the bus that took colleagues from the next municipality to Barota supposedly went off the road, as if “free” transportation has a limit and he stressed that it cannot be transferred. From one municipality to another.

After this action, he was informed that the situation had been resolved, and the vehicle and the transport unit papers were released to its owners.

“Everyone is fine now, we will not surrender, anyone who thinks that this team of men and women will surrender, will surrender (…) We will fight democratically and peacefully so that on July 28, we can vote
Let us achieve political change.”

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