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El Pentágono afirma que Rusia está enviando refuerzos al Donbás para ofensiva

The Pentagon claims that Russia is sending reinforcements to Donbass to launch an offensive

On Monday, the Pentagon warned that Russia will send reinforcements of equipment and soldiers to the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine in order to Launch a mighty attack From moment to moment.

There is an influx of artillery equipment, helicopter support and materials to facilitate Russian command and control operations in the Donbass, Defense Department spokesman John Kirby told a news conference.

“We believe they have increased the number of their tactical battalion in eastern and southern” Ukraine, Kirby said.

Tactical battalion groups are typical of the Russian Armed Forces and are units with Between 600 and 800 soldiers, A high level of preparedness for intense combat using different types of weapons.

Kirby noted that in recent days Russia has sent more than 10 new tactical battalions to the eastern region Ukraine.

In parallel, the spokesman stressed that “we are still witnessing a concentration of shelling and artillery attacks in the Donbass and in the south, especially around Mariupol,” stressing that Ukrainians continue to resist in that city.

Despite preparations to focus his attack on Donbass, Kirby noted that this part of Ukraine was the scene of Fighting for the past eight yearsAs well as in the last days.

In fact, the American spokesman stated that the Ukrainians had made some progress in the Donbass and were able to “secure” several villages.

“We believe that the Russians are drawing up the conditions for future offensive operations,” he said.

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