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El Pentágono admite "deterioro" de seguridad en Afganistán por avance talibán

The Pentagon acknowledges that security in Afghanistan is deteriorating due to Taliban advances

The Pentagon on Saturday acknowledged that the security situation in Afghanistan was “deteriorating” as the Taliban continued to advance in control of several districts of the country, but now promised to “work” with Afghan forces to stop the expansion. Of the rebels after the withdrawal of U.S. troops in late August.

In an interview with CNN, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed the “continued progress” of rebels across the country, which he considered “worrying.”

The insurgency has already captured 117 of Afghanistan’s 407 districts, claiming 85% of the country’s control.

Kirby avoided confirming that number, but warned that “confirming that you have taken an area does not mean you can keep it over time.”

“It’s time for us to show the Afghan forces the capabilities they have. They are brave, they are fighters.

The Taliban launched a fierce offensive on May 1, as the United States and NATO began the task of withdrawing international troops after two decades of conflict.

U.S. President Joe Biden said Thursday that the devaluation work will be completed before August 31, compared to the September 11 deadline.

According to the Pentagon, the withdrawal is already “over 90%” complete, and various media outlets have reported that about 650 U.S. soldiers are staying in Afghanistan, most of whom have been in the country since September.

Official sources quoted by Politico daily said that the troops would be stationed to provide security for the US embassy in Kabul and the international airport in the Afghan capital.

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