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The Oxxo cashier is melting the net once again with a short skirt and an all-black look

Alex Silva, also known on the networks as “Oxxo cashier”, is one of the most followed young people in our country.

“The Oxxo Cashier” gained worldwide fame after being compared (physically) to Hailey Bieber, wife of Justin Bieber, and British singer Dua Lipa.

Alex Silva has more than 94,000 followers on Instagram (which has increased in recent weeks thanks to the popularity he has gained) and is taking advantage of his sudden fame to share his lifestyle and some of his favorite looks on the said social network.

Recently, the young woman drove her Instagram followers crazy by sharing a photo in which she appears to be wearing an all-black outfit consisting of a short skirt with slits on the sides, a black jacket and high boots, also in black.

Alex Silva also completed his look with a black hat, which helped him highlight his new hair color, which now appears lighter than before. Little by little, Alex Silva has become a fashion expert for many young people in our country, who imitate and imitate every look of “La cajera de Oxxo”.

Alex Silva, his Instagram user @lupana_cano, has not only worked at Oxxo, he’s also worked at Pollo Loco, in Cinépolis, and other food and service venues.

Silva always thanks her followers for being so kind to her and for always writing her positive and friendly comments. Rather, the young woman confirmed that she was afraid to publish the photos with a “washed face”, because she thought that they would criticize her for it.

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