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The new Dean of the School of Economics at UACh will seek to apply for a Ph.D.

The new Dean of the School of Economics at UACh will seek to apply for a Ph.D.

The first doctorate, Mental Health and Infrastructure Plans, is part of what Egon Montesinos, the new Dean of the School of Economics and Management Sciences at the University of Austral in Chile, will seek to implement.

Negotiations for a series of projects are those held by Montecinos, whose college leadership program has been supported by 25 of the 36 academics who voted in the deanship renewal, for jobs Commercial engineering, public administration, auditing and management of tourism companies.

be More than 1300 students This, between undergraduate and postgraduate level, constitutes the said community, where various ideas directed to the fields of research, environmental contact and others are considered.

One is the implementation of the first Ph.D., to strengthen the existing four diploma programs and five master’s programmes. For Montecinos, this should launch in 2023.

“This project has a very limited course. In the month of November I shall receive from the coordinator of the PhD committee, Dr. Patricio Valdivieso, a proposal for a name and structure, such that with the support of the University’s Directorate of Graduate Studies, we are the next year we can be in Position allows us to approve the new Ph.D. in the Academic Council and receive the first registration I would like to be in 2024 receiving my first PhD classbut next year this should be a reality,” the academician advanced.

  • Dialogue with the students.

In response to the demands of the student body, which according to the first conversations focus on infrastructure and mental health, Egon Montenos confirmed that there is work at UACh to address the psychological integrity of students, which it aims to complement with efforts within the same faculty.

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We are interested in establishing a working protocol, on the part of teachers and administrators in the face of this type of situation, when it occurs in the classroom. Today we don’t have a protocol in college and we want to build it with the students to be able to face this kind of situation, which is recurring and we have to take responsibility for it. Faculty members and administrators are also to help in this matter.

Among other points, the doctor in political science explained to RioenLinea that in his administration, which will last until 2025, he will seek to advance the realization of the classroom building and the new popular science journal, as well as those liberalized by tourism. .

Added to the above is a plan for the internationalization of professions through dual degrees and – along with it – the realization of two chairs, one working and the other baptized as the new district of Los Rios, which will be taught to high school students.