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The nation / the seventh meeting of researchers

The nation / the seventh meeting of researchers

The Scientific Society of Paraguay (SCP) is organizing the seventh meeting of researchers with the participation of researchers from all over the country. The purpose of this event is to create an interdisciplinary space in which scientific production is developed, covering all areas of science produced in Paraguay and shared by peers and society in general. The event will take place from 7-11 November. It was declared that the seventh meeting of researchers is of scientific importance by virtue of Resolution No. 307/2022.

Each day will correspond to the field of science. On Monday 7, topics related to health sciences and biomedicine will be covered; Tuesday the eighth for physical sciences, mathematics and engineering. Thursday 10 for the social and human sciences, and Friday 11 to the natural and environmental sciences.

On the same day, the meeting concluded with the presentation of an award for the best works submitted in both oral and poster modes. In addition, there will be major conferences with eminent professionals nationally and internationally, such as Dr. Ruth Zarate, Paraguay, Dr. Emilio Nogueira, Damaris Silvera and Braulio Ferreira, Brazil. Dr. Gerardo Caetano, Uruguay, and Austin Connors, United States.

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