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The most winning coaches in the history of Honduran football

The most winning coaches in the history of Honduran football


coach thing Pedro Truglio It is very important. Argentinian, on top Olympiad He has managed to win four titles that have already made him among the most honored coaches in the history of Honduran football.

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In addition, what Troglio has achieved is writing his name in the history books as the first coach to achieve a championship four times and also the biggest winner in the hairy boat. Although it is true that Old Leon had already obtained a quad, he was with two technicians; three won Danilo Tosilo and one Juan Carlos Espinoza.

Thus, with the four championships won by the South American player and the World Cup as a player Argentina in a Italy 1990, which I got today, made a small list of the most winning coaches in history Honduras National Association.

Pedro Truglio He also established himself as the technical director with the most titles on the hairy bench. one of Logan behind three titles Nahin EspinosaAnd Danilo Tosilo Based on Sheilato Oculis.


Regarding the table of the most winners of the national championship, Troglio also entered it, however, there are still two of the most winners in this section, namely Carlos Padilla Velasquez.

The Zorro case was barely overtaken by my technician, not exactly because of the six titles he left as a legacy and being the tournament winner. Honduras National AssociationBut for being the only coach to be crowned champion with four different clubs.

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Carlos Padilla Velasquez He achieved six championships in the 1965, 1970, 1973, 1975, 1976 and 1987 seasons. His validity record is 34 years. It should be noted that the strategist was the first champion in Honduras after his coronation Platensa, Regardless of coronation OlympiadAnd Real Spain s motagua.

If Pedro Truglio He’s been behind Zorro’s two, and has two strategists who have been ranked second and third as the greatest achievers. These are Diego Vazquez, which has five medals, all with motagua s Sheilato Oculis, which raised five with Real SpainAnd Olympiad s marathon.

Then comes the extinction Flavio OrtegaAnd Ramon ‘Prime’ Maradiaga s Hector Vargas, all of them, along with Pedro Truglio, have four titles in the Honduran First Division.