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The medical reform of the University of Zaragoza will start in June 2024 in Building B, which will acquire space

The medical reform of the University of Zaragoza will start in June 2024 in Building B, which will acquire space

The University of Zaragoza had planned Initiating the reform of the medical school in June 2024 and start working Through building B. This building, which houses classrooms and offices as well as a library, newspaper library and simulation room, among other facilities, is expected to Gaining ‘more space’As explained by Brigadier General Javier Lanuza. The new star will be performing on the public campus, with an implementation period of one and a half years, following the intervention at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

This is the calendar managed by the University of Zaragoza, which has established a working committee together with the Technical Unit of Building and Energy for Determine future uses and facilities which they hope to have completed before the end of the year. The first phase of medical rehabilitation already has a budget allocated in the framework agreement between the Government of Aragon and the academic entity of 9.25 million euros.

Utility status with half a century (As construction was completed in 1973 and classes began in 1975), it is long overdue for a renovation. “Building A, which was the first to occupy, was designed for a different kind of teaching and we have very large classrooms for up to 200 students. There are no more departments that used to take up so many spaces and new ones have appeared,” he explained. “There deck problems and the isolateand questions Energy efficiency and accessibility It can’t be done in the current situation.”

As it has already happened with students of philosophy and literature, when the work begins lMost of the students will move to the Old College of Education And to the modular building behind it.

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Dean of Advanced Medicine An PERFORMANCE IN BUILDING Awhich will take place in a second stage, I expected “more complicated”, since there are “labs and rooms dedicated to research which are difficult to move and transport”. This building houses, among other services and rooms, the college’s general administration, newspaper library, computer room, preclinical material departments requiring laboratories as well as microscopy and anatomy rooms.

Solutions for a shortage of doctors

About the possibility to be Medical School increases current 180 ranks by 10%Dean saw it This increase is “theoretically acceptable if the resources exist To increase training groups and clinical faculty for internships from the fifth.” This means an additional 22 students. Jose Antonio MayoralIt has already been said that it is necessary to know the cost due to the increasing need for teachers and also the services that can receive their training.

In addition, LaNoza considered it It’s a “long-term solution, 12 years ago” To the lack of doctors and that there are “other factors” that must be taken into account, especially bottleneck From I looked (Resident medical trainees). “Not only is there more students being created, but the number of Meyer places is more balanced, something that has only been done for two years, these formulas have been spelled out to retain the loyalty of students who complete their studies so that they stay here and travel abroad will not be Easier or better.

San Jorge requires a medical degree from 100 places

The St. George’s University (USJ) has already submitted to the Ministry of Science, the University and the Knowledge Society Application for the implementation of the medical profession. Finally, according to sources from the private campus, the document includes the formation of 100 doctors per course.

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This is the The first step in an administrative process that usually takes an average of two years. Below is the issuance of a report by the General Directorate of Universities, which, if favorable, will allow to start preparing the initial document, which will include the objectives, competencies and structure of the study plan.

The intent This new degree has its own building on campus From Villanueva de GallegoThe latest expansion was opened last year to accommodate the College of Architecture and Technology. In the next academic year, USJ will expand its places in nursing, physical therapy, biomedicine, and psychology by 10%. They all completed the admissions process this year with a waiting list.