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The match ended with Barcelona beating Real Madrid 1-4

The match ended with Barcelona beating Real Madrid 1-4

Welcome to this minute by minute meeting Match day 2 From LaLiga Santander between real community and the F.C.B in the 2022-23 junior season.

the team Txuri Urdin He has six years without being able to beat Barcelona In San Sebastian since their last win over Blaugrana, on 9 April 2016, by at least 1-0 difference and playing at home in Anoeta. At that incident he was present Gerrard Piqueone of the few remaining in the Barcelona team.

The New Barcelona From curewith Lewandowski As a striker, full of illusion for my fans Colorsalthough the team is struggling to score all-new reinforcements and will have to let the attacking elements out (Aubameyang and Memphis Depay) to reduce the wage bill.

Real Sociedad and Barcelona match broadcast live, La Liga Week 2 at the Reale Arena, in Djipothkoa

The Barcelona It’s the team he supported Two of the biggest goals to me real community with Emmanol Sharif On the seat, 1-6 and 4-2And he always scored against him, so his first success had to go through not conceding a goal.

The F.C.B up with Conde’s absence who – which He was not called by XaviNot registered yet. The team has to wait for the exits Aubameyang and Memphis To have a margin in the pay block and thus be able to record it.

But Barcelona are desperate to win after last weekend’s draw at home Vallecano Ray.

They are also anxiously looking for a target. They didn’t score on Sunday against Madrid And they didn’t do that in the last two league games last season. Three games without scoring too many goals for a team like Barcelona Who, in addition, just signed with the best European scorer as is Lewandowski is 34 years old today.

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A fresh setback would open a thunder chest for a team that unleashed fan euphoria for signings and pre-season results, but that took a pitcher of cold water with its first league game.

cure You won’t be able to rely on it Busquets, Who was kicked out in the clash against Rayo. The most natural thing is that Pjanic It replaces it, but a system change cannot be ruled out either. The culé coach did not want to give any clues at the pre-match press conference in Royal Sand.

Anoeta no es una sede fácil para el Barça, y Xavi le dedicó elogios al juego de los dirigidos por Inmanol: “Tienen mucho talento y calidad arriba, su portero tiene buen juego de pies. Es un rival duro, y son tres para punto we”.