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The iPhone's satellite connection will only be for emergencies

The iPhone’s satellite connection will only be for emergencies

The iPhone 13’s satellite connection will not be a core function, but an enabled detail exclusively for Emergency cases.

A few days ago, it became known, due to a note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, that Apple will work on Connecting to satellite technology for its new line of iPhone 13 phones. As intriguing as the idea may sound, it seems that the new technology won’t work quite as expected.

While it may be true that Apple is working on some kind of satellite technology for its new smartphone, it’s not a new iPhone standard that completely converts them to satellite phones, but rather Function designed for extreme emergenciesAccording to well-known Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman.

The satellite technology that has been investigated by Apple will consider the development of two specific functions. The first job, apparently known within the company by the codename Stewie, will be officially named Satellite emergency message It will be added as a third protocol, along with iMessage and SMS, to the Messages app. The way to operate it consists of allowing users Send text messages to emergency services even when there is no signal.

This same tool will have a very useful feature as it will also give users a way to send text messages to their emergency contacts simply by typing “SOS emergency” on the recipient line. Messages will be restricted for a shorter duration, but the senders’ contacts will receive a notification even if their phone is set to Do Not Disturb.

These add-ons seem especially useful during emergencies in remote locations, such as mountains and forests. To facilitate identification, satellite messages It will appear as gray bubbles Instead of blue or green so they are easily recognizable. In addition, it was commented that in the end the function can also handle phone calls.

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The second satellite feature that Apple will work on, according to Gurman sources, will allow users Reporting crisis situations such as air accidents and fires. The new system will give users a way to report the incident in depth and request details, such as whether someone needs search and rescue services or if someone nearby is armed.

An impressive element would be that the same system would also be able to Automatically send the location to the authorities Who reports the information and its details from the application the health, as their Medical history, age, medications and information such as height and weight. The function can also notify the emergency contacts of the device owner in such a situation.

This new information will be completely different from what was previously thought that the new iPhone will deal with satellite networks as the original system, and thus will allow the use of different functions without relying on traditional cellular networks. On the contrary, the availability of new jobs will be Restricted by location and scope from satellite.

On the other hand, it is very likely that these new functions will not be available at the time of the launch of the new device iPhone 13 Well, according to the journalist, they are still under development and are unlikely to be ready before the end of the year. This means that even though upcoming iPhones will be announced in the coming months, they won’t be able to send messages via satellite at least on the first dates after launch.

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