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The Hyundai brand in Cuba will open an office for “technical assistance and postal sale”

The Hyundai brand in Cuba will open an office for “technical assistance and postal sale”

Last week, state media reported the submission of “accounts” by the island’s transport ministry, in which the Cuban Automotive Business Group was reported to be planning to set up offices on the island for “warranties, technical assistance and post-sales” of Korean Hyundai brand cars.

according to he According to the report, this business group will develop this idea in the coming months, if it has the necessary investment, to provide assistance and repairs to vehicles of this brand in Cuba. There will also be another project where a plant will be manufactured for the reconstruction and maintenance of spare parts and different brands of cars.

It was also learned that the island railway union and the Chinese company Beijing Fang Lian are negotiating the financing of “parts and spare parts for Chinese locomotives”, as well as the modernization of a series of railway workshops, which we have already done. He may comment on these pages.

This is why the brand Hyundai llamó a revisión a scientist of his automóviles a lo large of the mundo, debido a fallos in the montaje of enganche that he provocado cortocircuitos en sus coches y algunos incendios, según la empresa de seguridad del trafico en United State.

What cars are affected by this situation? Hyundai models will be the Santa Cruz (those produced between 2022-2023), the Santa Fe (2019-2023), the Santa Fe hybrid (2021-2023), and the Santa Fe plug-in hybrid (2022-2023). These are not very common on the island anyway.

Hyundai cars in Cuba

How much does a Hyundai brand cost in Cuba, according to some reports of “buy and sell” in Revolico? In 2022, for example, a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe cost about $170,000 at the time, which is unaffordable for many Cubans, even those living abroad.

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“Impeccable living room, DVD, all white lights, LED taillights, its 4 safes and dust covers, tires, factory paint, wallpaper, ‘cannon’ air conditioning, ‘sculpted’ mechanics, and negotiated for another car and money”, Read that year in a sale ad at Revolico.

Hyundai Tucson 2017 and Hyundai H1 2018 sell for between $140,000 and $150,000, currently, with inflation, these prices could be much higher. And it’s not the only brand that has sky-high costs on the island, because other Toyotas, Mercedes or Fords are there or more expensive.