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The House of Science in A Coruña is 37 years old with remnants of Halley's Comet

The House of Science in A Coruña is 37 years old with remnants of Halley’s Comet

The Science House in A Coruña On June 1, he turns 37, so the service Science Museums of the Municipality of Coruñeses They are celebrating this event. One they used to remember Also the memory of Foucault’s pendulumGravity signifies that the Earth is spinning on itself and that the site has been there since it opened.

Located in a palace in the Parque de Santa Margarita, the building stands out for its octagonal floor plan and it is organized in several rooms dedicated to interactive exhibitions, and in the dome, where the planetarium is located. This interactive science center, which was the first in Spain publicly ownedbrings science closer to citizens through units that respond to the visitor’s work with behaviors that arouse curiosity and invite them to expose and answer questions.

However, the most emblematic element of this museum is digital planetarium, where you can learn to recognize stars, constellations, planets and other things visible to the naked eye. The programs deal with all kinds of astronomy issues and also have special sessions for boys and girls.

A rock from Halley’s Comet was captured by a camera at Casa de las Ciencias

In addition to doing outreach work, Science House in A Coruña I also do my research. Is it The status of your participation in the SMART Project, It is dedicated to the analysis of interplanetary matter affecting the Earth. Through this, the museum’s camera last May captured a boulder from Halley’s Comet, the special celestial body that visits Earth every 75 years. It was last passed in 1986, and is expected to return in 2061.

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