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The House of Representatives votes to treat the lawn with contempt

The House of Representatives votes to treat the lawn with contempt

(CNN) – The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted Tuesday night to recommend that the judiciary bring criminal charges against Trump’s former White House secretary general. Mark meadows, For failing to appear before a select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

Result 222-208. Two Republicans on the select committee, including Wyoming’s representatives Liz Cheney and Illinois’ Adam Kingsinger, voted in favor of relief.

Mark Meadows no longer wants to appear against Trump 1:22

On Monday, the House Select Committee unanimously voted to insult the Meadows Congress, and now the judiciary must decide whether to lay criminal charges against former President Donald Trump’s former Secretary-General of the White House, Trump.

The referendum on Jan. 6 represents a significant moment in the January 6 trial, based on Meadows’ role as Trump’s White House general secretary and his knowledge of attempts to thwart the 2020 election. Recommendation of the Committee. The panel approved a criminal defamation report against Trump ally Steve Bannon.

Meadows emphasizes executive privilege

Meadows has repeatedly insisted that he wants to protect some of his conversations with the former president under executive claims, but it has already flipped through thousands of documents, which, according to the panel, only increase the need for him to testify.

But so far, Meadows has refused to do so and his challenge at the center of Tuesday’s walkout recommends him for criminal charges.

“The selection committee report that named Mr. Meadows on criminal contempt charges is clear and compelling,” Penny Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat committee chairman, said Tuesday. “As Secretary-General of the White House, Mr. Meadows participated in or witnessed key events, including the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.”

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Before the House vote on Tuesday, Meadows’ attorney issued a new statement saying he was cooperating with his client group in some way, but said he could not be compelled to appear for trial because he did not have a “license to waive the administrative offer”. Trump.

Meadows “has fully cooperated with the privilege documents in his possession and has sought various means to provide other information while continuing to respect the former president’s privilege claims,” ​​said his lawyer, George J. Dervilliger III said in a statement.


Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney, vice chair of the select committee, said on Tuesday that Meadows had received numerous text messages urging him to take action to prevent the unrest that Trump had created without any concessions.

Late Tuesday, Thomson told CNN that the committee would “decide in a week or when” the names of the authors of the text messages sent to Meadows on Jan. 6 after members cited several messages exchanged between the former White House secretary general and lawmakers. The riot broke out.

Thompson said team members felt it was “important” to post content before the names were released.

“We will then review our own team to determine when we will release them,” Thompson said. “We will. I can not say exactly when that will be.”

When asked if there were any senators who texted Meadows on January 6, Thompson revealed, “At the moment, they are only House members.”

He said the committee would notify Republican members before taking any action.

Others stand alone in Trump’s circle

The panel was ready to move forward with the contempt charge of former Justice Jeffrey Clark, but that gives him another chance to testify as he says he plans to file for the Fifth Amendment.

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Meanwhile, the select committee continued its investigation and on Tuesday interviewed more witnesses, including Keith Kellogg, former National Security Adviser to former Vice President Mike Pence.

Last month, Kellogg became the first person to be sapped by the band from inside Pence. In a letter to Kellogg, the panel expressed particular interest in learning more about the January 2021 meeting between Trump and White House attorney Pat Cipolon, during which Benz urged Trump not to certify the election, and other meetings.

The panel said in its letter that Kellogg was at the White House at the time of the January 6 attacks and had “direct information” about “Trump’s statements and reactions to the capitalist uprising.”

Kellogg is considered a key witness because of his closeness to Trump on January 6th. Robert O’Brien, the former president’s then national security adviser, was out that day.

Kellogg’s lawyer told CNN on Tuesday that he was cooperating with his client’s investigators. It also said that Kellogg did not assert administrative privilege over testimony or documents.

Although the group’s adviser declined to comment on what was asked or responded to during the report, they did not deny the claim that Kellogg was cooperating with the group.

“They have good reason to tremble.”

The group also spoke with Dustin Stockton, one of the organizers behind the pro-Trump rallies on January 5-6.

Prior to meeting the panel, Stockton’s attorney, Josh Nass, told reporters that his client had text messages and emails. “With those in high office in the orbit of the former president,” as well as members of Congress, it is due to be presented to the commission on Tuesday.

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Those lawmakers and those close to Trump “have good reason to shudder today,” Nass said.

“We talk about all kinds of … emails, text messages,” he said.

CNN’s Ryan Nobles, Kristin Wilson, Holmes Lybrand and Manu Raju contributed to the report.