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The government has approved the deportation of a doctor who defrauded hundreds of families by building a ‘ghost’ building in Miami.

President Gustavo Pedro’s government has given the green light to extradite anesthesiologist Carlos Elias Mahecha, who is wanted by the United States for extradition after a scam in which many investors are waiting to build a “ghost” building. In Florida.

Mahecha’s extradition was requested by a Florida court in the middle of this process One of the most exclusive areas of Miami, USA is being investigated for fraud in the construction of the Quartz Ball Harbor project.

The objective of the project is to redevelop three apartment towers in Paul Harbor (Miami) into a luxurious five-star hotel. Investors get profit by renting out or selling flats. One of them worked, the others never saw the light of day.

In this business, the person involved has a Red Interpol Circular and is wanted by authorities in the Southern District of Florida.They have acquired property and real estate through loans and promissory notes worth over USD 22 million.

According to Florida authorities’ findings, the illegal Quarzo Bal Harbor hotel project “managed to defraud approximately 150 investors of $40 million using false statements to solicit investments in real estate.”

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court had already approved Mahecha’s extradition, “considering the plea favourably”.

“The Chamber considers the request made by the Government of the United States for the extradition of Colombian citizen Carlos Elias Mahecha Díaz, It is in accordance with the law, and as a result, said request will be considered favorably”, referring to the presentation of the magistrate Jose Francisco Acuna, known by Semana.

According to this presentation, Mahecha “is to stand trial in the United States on charges of fraud and conspiracy to commit a crime. He is the subject of an indictment in Case No. 19-20738 CR-COOKE/GOODMAN, Entered in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida on November 5, 2019.

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With these documents lined up, the Ministry of Justice decided in the last few hours to give the green light to the extradition with a resolution signed by Minister Nestor Osuna.

In February 2021, Mahecha Díaz was captured in a national police operation, in coordination with the Office of the Prosecutor, in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General, who captured the Colombian businessman for extradition purposes.

In addition to the judicial exchange of information with the National Central Office of Interpol in Washington, the National Police assured that “it is necessary” within the framework of the investigations to discover the whereabouts of the famous Colombian businessman. Use security location, tracking and tracing, consultation on public and private databases, and analysis of interception of communications by judicial order.

Thus, Carlos Mahecha was placed at the disposal of Diaz directorate International Affairs of the nation’s Attorney General’s Office was the authority responsible for proceeding with the extradition process.