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The girl with beautiful eyes, Demi Rose wears magic sweetly

The girl with beautiful eyes, Demi Rose wears magic sweetly

For beautiful lovers British model half a rose The good news starts when the young woman posts some new photos on her official profile Instagram And that’s what happened today, so we’re happy to introduce it to you.

On this occasion, the young woman took a look at the camera that she considers herself very nice look a “beautiful eyes”Whichever suits you best.

In the first shots we can see how she wears a small braid in the front of her hair, of course that flirtatious look that she is so proud of, her blonde hair and this beautiful dress she was wearing made her attractions It will shine completely.

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The following photo is even better because he is posed in a different pose and uses a cute face to stand up and gets noticed by the millions of followers he already has, who greatly appreciated the gesture.

Of course, his post managed to gain a lot of attention in a few minutes, and managed to reach more than 86,000 in less than an hour, plus of course there are many comments from both fans and fellow models, between them Lina Perez And of course the brands it represents Quite a few Thing.

He also put in his stories his usual pictures with positive words which seeks to make us think about it or perhaps teach us something we did not know. She shared that she was in a very fun party filled with lights and electronic music where she had a great time and recorded some videos so we could see a little more of what she was enjoying.

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This party is definitely held in Ibiza Spain the party island where she lives with her pets in her grand mansion, plus all these events are very close and she can come whenever she wants.

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Finally, she put up some photos at the same festival dressed as a full butterfly and with the other beauties who were by her side, she couldn’t miss the chance to show off the bouquet of flowers they gave her something that happens on several occasions.

But the best part is his latest video where we can see his two kittens living together and being pampered by the beautiful British supermodel.

We recommend that you keep watching Show News so you don’t miss out on this engaging and interesting content about one of all netizens’ favorite models, Demi Rose, who has established herself as one of the top influencers with exponential growth daily.