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The former TODAY host cries when she reveals she has breast cancer

The former TODAY host cries when she reveals she has breast cancer

This TV presenter, who worked on the morning show of TV todaymade a disturbing confession, only on a live show decided to reveal that she is struggling to survive, they find out tumor.

she was Martha Guzmanwho started her work as a broadcaster on Televisa in 2004, but from 1998 to 2000 she was in the popular section called “Let all Mexico know.”

Unfortunately, he took it upon himself to inform us that his health was in a complicated state, a process he was going through and even did Sadnes In the full live program cancer my mom She had to have a bunion surgery in December, but now she still has a lot of things to do.

During that surgery they realized it was cancer, so she would have to be absent from forums for several days, a situation that filled her with grief and made her cry in the middle of it. entertainment alive.

She is sure that she is trying to be strong, but despite what has been removed, the situation continues and she is deeply affected, although she does not want to cry, she cannot help him.

With gossip hosts Laura Estrada, Esteban Macias and Fabien Laval acknowledging this situation, they themselves supported it and gave her some positive words, but emphasized the importance of ongoing studies, “It can happen to anyone.”

She decides to talk about it because she assured that she wouldn’t want them to find out by any other means, that right outside of her was something important, and she also assures that she will put in a lot of effort in chemotherapy and all of this process that she will have to live.

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