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The five keys to the Argentina vs Australia match

The five keys to the Argentina vs Australia match

The Argentine national team and Asotidalia played the second match of the round of 16 Globalism. The The baseballist came from least to most As the tournament developed, they found each other little by little to finish top of Group C.

The soccerros They went out before the fourth set Which they shared with France, Denmark and Tunisia and secured their place in the elimination stage in a direct duel with the Danes. Below we review the turning points that led to the victory of Lionel Messi and his team, 2-1.

Hold out for as long as possible

In the first half, the Oceania team assumed its inferiority and prepared to wait for Argentina, Taking advantage of the great position of their players On set pieces and corner kicks, however, such a strategy never paid off.

Left leg blessed

Argentina flicked the ball around Australia’s court without creating too many risks, but just before half-time a beautiful shot from Messi appeared in a low and well-placed group play. His ninth goal in the World Cup was ahead of Maradona and his goal was to reach Batistuta As the Argentine with the most goals in this tournament.

Fatal mistake by goalkeeper Matthew Ryan

The Australian team tried to play with the controlled ball, and when one of the center defenses passed the ball to their goalkeeper.his poor control, in addition to the pressure exerted by Rodrigo de Paul and the good position of Julian Alvarez, The factors that led to the Manchester City striker’s goal and a 2-0 lead in the match.

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Pinball in the Argentine region

In one of the few attempts by Asotidalia, A shot by Craig Goodwin bounced off the hand of Enzo Fernandez, deflecting the ball to beat “Depo” Martinez. And shorten the distances on the scoreboard.

Lysander guard

In a good start, Australian player Aziz Behish “disguised himself” as Maradona and began to eliminate opponents. When he reached the opponent’s area, he was on the verge of finishing and scoring the equalizing goal of his life, A miracle by Lisandro Martínez denied Australia a chance to equalize and send overtime.