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"The first time I went to the psychiatrist was after Barcelona's return against Paris Saint-Germain, it affected me a lot, I was afraid to sleep"

“The first time I went to the psychiatrist was after Barcelona’s return against Paris Saint-Germain, it affected me a lot, I was afraid to sleep”


back Barcelona about him Paris Saint-Germain In the 2017 Champions League, it will forever be remembered as one of the most epic and at the same time controversial competition. This is the team he led Luis Enrique He was eliminated from the round of 16 and in the last six minutes managed to score three goals to change the score.

They reveal the truth about Barcelona’s return at the expense of Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League

on the side of the Paris Saint-GermainAnd the Edinson Cavani He scored the only goal at Camp Nou that made Barcelona fans tremble. However, Barcelona ran with a fortune and ended up advancing to the quarter-finals.

Cavani He talked about what happened that night and revealed that it was a very hard blow on a personal level. He even had to turn to a psychiatrist to overcome this painful fall.

“The first time I went was after Barcelona came back against Paris Saint-Germain. It affected me a lot and there are things that weigh you down. Within five minutes, everything we were doing changed. The Uruguayan forward admitted in an interview with Relivo: “It is a big blow that you can’t controlling her ”.

The Uruguayan played the whole match and remembers that “even though it’s football, you touch other parts of your person, with symptoms of anxiety and cold sweats, I felt dizzy when I slept and was already afraid to sleep. I was wondering if he had a problem with his head.”

“I went to the PSG doctor, who I love, and he explained to me what was happening to you and this is what happens to a lot of people in different regions. I realized that he was not a superhero,” player closed now Valencia.

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That result was decisive for the Parisian project, as the coach at the time, Unai EmeryHe ended up leaving the club a few days later. Barcelonameanwhile, was eliminated in the quarter-finals against Juventus.