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The first Power 20s jackpot now has an owner

The first Power 20s jackpot now has an owner

In the United States, a new scratch-off game called “Power 20s” went on sale last Tuesday, October 3. It is generally said that winning the lottery is the dream of many people, but very few people actually achieve it.

The chances of this happening are certainly very low, but once achieved it represents the potential to change your life overnight.

This was the case for Tomas Garcia, of Hispanic origin, when he had his first Power 20s jackpot in his hands after purchasing a ticket.

In fact, it was a purple ticket that caught the attention of the Spanish resident of North Carolina. This ticket contained a grand prize of neither more nor less than $2 million, according to Power 20s officials.

But the most curious thing about the case is that the purple ticket only cost Thomas Garcia, of Lenoir City, $20. This was stated in a press release last Friday.

Meanwhile, Garcia purchased his winning ticket at the Quickway Superette store on Norwood Street in southwest Lenoir City.

Winning the lottery seems easy, but…

According to the official website https://NClottery.comThe odds of winning the jackpot were only 1 in 3.23 million

The terms were as follows: The first option states that the winner can choose to receive an income of US$100,000.00 for 20 years. While the second received a single lump sum of $1.2 million.

For his part, Thomas Garcia went to Raleigh last Friday to the state lottery headquarters to receive his million-dollar prize.

This means that this Spanish speaker chose the second option. So, after paying the required federal and state tax withholdings, he received $855,006.00.

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