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The first NBA player to play with one of his sons?

The first NBA player to play with one of his sons?

How many records does LeBron James want to break in the NBA?

The answer is unknown, because the Los Angeles Lakers striker clearly has no limits, and at the moment everything indicates that retirement is not on his mind.

As of today, “King” can choose to sign a two-year, $97.1 million contract with Yellow and Purple. What does this mean other than continuing to enjoy one of the biggest league figures and a basketball legend?

Now 37, if James signs the extension, that means he’ll be on the field for three more seasons, playing until he’s at least 40. And if he can do it with one of his sons, in this case, Bruni, we will be able to prove that no other player in the history of the league has done it.

James has repeatedly said that one of his greatest dreams is to play alongside his eldest son Bruni, well, with the extension (if it comes true), the ‘King’ will be active for the 2024-25 season, when Bruni is eligible to play. in the NBA.

According to Elias Sports Bureau, neither father/son has played together in NBA history in the same season, let alone on the same team, so that would be another sign for the Akron, Ohio native.

In that sense, James and Bruni will join the only father/son duo in the history of American sports to accomplish such a feat: Ken Griffey, Ken Griffey Jr (MLB), Tim Raines, Tim Raines Jr (MLB) and Jordy Howe. And their children Mark. And Marty (NHL).

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The idea doesn’t seem too far fetched considering that, like a fine wine, LeBron has improved over the years, or at least kept his averages.

At 30.3 points per game last season, James scored the second-most points in a career season, behind only 2005-06 (31.4) and also became the oldest player to average 30 points in a season in NBA history.

Finally, if he plays in the next three seasons, James will be identical to Vince Carter, who played for 22 seasons in the NBA. LeBron now has 19 years into his long career, so he could retire with the same number 22 from “Vinsanity” or perhaps choose to play again and leave an almost unbeatable mark on his 23 years in the league, but only time will tell.

With data from ESPN Stats and Information.