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The first interdisciplinary meeting of Doctor of Sciences

The first interdisciplinary meeting of Doctor of Sciences

November 24, 2022

Juan Sebastian Geraldo Gutierrez
Jimena Geraldo Quintero

On Friday, November 25, the first interdisciplinary meeting of the Doctor of Sciences will take place, a program developed by agreement between the University of Caldas, the Technological University of Pereira and the University of Quindio.

The Director General of Doctors of Sciences of the three Universities, Luz Amalia Ríos Vásquez, explains that in this first meeting, students in the final semesters of the postgraduate course aim to present research projects, both in development and completed. In different fields of knowledge.. Presentation of Ph.D.

The meeting consisted of two presentation rooms: Research in Physics and Mathematics. Research in biology and chemistry. Places where doctoral professors and undergraduate students will participate.

This event is part of the range of activities carried out by the Graduate Program with the aim of promoting research training for students, in addition to being an entry point for the progression of self-evaluation of the PhD for the purpose of renewing the qualified record by the Ministry of Education. National.

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