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The family of a missing American tourist in the Bahamas says there is no progress in the search for him

The family of a missing American tourist in the Bahamas says there is no progress in the search for him

Colette Seymour asks for more involvement in the search for her daughter. (Facebook/Reuters)

Chicago resident Taylor Casey has been missing for nearly two weeks after participating in a yoga retreat in the Bahamas. Colette Seymour, the mother of a missing tourist has expressed her frustration at the lack of information from investigators and local police. “There is no news of my daughter’s whereabouts or where she might have been. In an interview “Nothing!” NewsNation Now.

Casey, 41, was last seen on the night of June 19 Sivananda Ashram Yoga Tour, she attended classes to become a yoga instructor. His family, including his mother, migrated Bahamas After disappearing, but have not received new updates since they returned to Chicago.

“After I got back to America, nothing. I never heard from any of them. I wasn’t sure who it was FBI “Relevant, I’ve heard someone mention that, but I don’t think that’s the case,” Seymour said People.

The family’s frustration grew due to the family’s lack of effort. Royal Bahamas Police Force: “I think the research team is doing the least,” said the mother.

Bahamian police and family are desperately searching for Taylor Casey, who did not attend yoga classes on June 20. (Royal Bahamas Police Force)

NBC News He noted that the search for Casey intensified when sniffer dogs joined the operation on Thursday when she went missing. Authorities are using drone technology on the western tip of Paradise Island to track down a missing woman in a vast and remote area of ​​the retreat.

On July 2, police said they found Casey’s cell phone and other belongings in nearby water, but his passport was never found. Emily WilliamsA friend of Casey’s, who traveled with Seymour to the Bahamas, said in a statement: “Let us make this clear to the American media, the public and our government officials: We are not satisfied with how this investigation has been handled thus far. “

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“What we learned and observed during the meeting with the ashram authorities and leaders was disturbing and outrageous,” he added.

Bahamas police found Taylor Casey’s cell phone submerged in local waters. (GoFundme)

Casey’s mother, in an emotional interview, addressed her daughter directly: “I believe in my heart that you are alive. Please contact us. We love you, we miss you, we need you to come home to us.”

In a television report broadcast by NBC, Chrislyn SkippingsSuperintendent Royal Bahamas Police Force, highlighted the investigative efforts: “We’re using our drone technology, we’re using our sniffer dogs, we’re using our divers.” Skippings did not respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE to respond to the allegations by the missing woman’s mother.

The situation has caused great concern and pain to Casey’s family and friends. Seymour, the visual victim added: “It was very difficult for me to get back on the plane without my daughter. So hard and without answers.”