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The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in Teruel is accepting 34 foreign students this semester

Teruel Campus Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) this week welcomed international students who will go on to study this course in its classrooms with a program that combines rigorous academic and community. This year, the number of students from other countries who came to this center decreased, while trips increased.

Teruel College is welcoming 34 international students for this first semester, 22 of whom have already arrived and the rest will do so in the coming weeks. The largest part corresponds to Italy, with 15 young people, followed by Chile (four), Colombia (three), Mexico (three), Romania (two), Greece (two) and there is a student from France and another from Belgium.

The Deputy Dean for International Relations and Quality at FCSH, Miguel Angel Benítez, noted that despite the fact that this is the year when full normality is being restored in mobility in relation to health measures due to the pandemic, in this course there are fewer international students who have arrived . On the other hand, the number of students leaving Erasmus from this center has increased from 40 to 64. In this case, they are widely distributed throughout Europe: Italy, Portugal, France, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. “We have many destinations and are very interested in being in different countries,” Benitez said. Psychology is the degree with the most international mobility, both for those arriving in Teruel and those leaving, followed by teaching, but there are also exchanges in fine arts and business administration.

Like last year, the center has a team of international mentors of fifteen students from the college who help and support classmates who come from other countries and who plan social and cultural activities for the whole semester.

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The Vice Dean of International Relations commented that through this university center, we aim to have the experience of these young people “the most positive in all respects, both academically and socially” and to give them a warm welcome. For this reason, a presentation and welcome day was organized which began with a guided tour in English of the historic center of the city, on Wednesday afternoon. In the morning, a ceremony was held in the Amparo Sanchez Assembly Hall of the College to provide the academic and operational information of the Center necessary for their stay in Teruel, which ended with a walking tour to see the facilities.

In the afternoon, a reception was held at the Town Hall, which was welcomed by Vice Mayor Ramon Fuertes. Benitez thanked the council for the support they had received, which also provided them with materials from the Tourist Office.

In addition, a trip to Albarracín is planned, with a guided tour in English next October 22.

Effort to find accommodation

Benitez acknowledged that finding housing for international students was “complicated” and generated “great difficulties”, but it was achieved.

He explained that many students only come for one semester and that apartment owners want to conclude lease contracts for the entire session. To achieve the residence, the mentors were very involved.

As for the people from Teruel who traveled abroad, none of them mentioned that they had problems finding accommodation.