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The Faculty of Education Sciences at Unimagdalena provided accounts

The Faculty of Education Sciences at Unimagdalena provided accounts

In compliance with the current legal provisions and especially those stipulated in Law 489 of 1998 and Law 734 of 2002, the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Magdalena University held a public hearing on the accountability of academic and administrative management developed during 2019, 2020 and until the month of September of this validity.

The event, which took place in the Julio Otero Muñoz Auditorium, was chaired by José Manuel Pacheco Ricourt, Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and was attended by students, teachers, alumni, management and the community at large.

This reliance on alma mater in the midst of the health crisis taking place around the world, has had a significant growth as it has gone from having no programs with qualified enrollment to having ten programs in the new offer face to face for undergraduates, in addition to three master’s degrees, two doctorate degrees one of their own , such as education and intercultural and regional interaction.

“The College of Education aims to enhance its offer of undergraduate and graduate degrees, emphasizing the topic of educational research with an impact on the social environment, which is required in the territory, in addition to progressing with respect to the use of a second degree language and the renewal of educational processes, curricula and curricula, in order to take the processes of Teaching a new dimension. said Jose Manuel Pacheco Ricourt, Dean of the College of Education Sciences.

The College of Educational Sciences has designed a series of strategies through which it seeks to enhance skills such as English, establish baselines in each program to see how students will arrive, then implement periodic assessments and also use scenarios in this home of graduate environment in order to generate learning.

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Students and teachers from the College of Educational Sciences were responsible for validating this report. Merly Dayana Durán Meneses, third-year undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Mathematics program. “I decided to know and learn more about my college, in terms of new programmes, previously there were a few degrees and today we already have ten degrees, which is a great diversity, I also found progress in offering interesting postgraduate courses in both disciplines such as masters and doctorate.” Indian.

Among the academic community’s concerns, issues such as Saber Pro exams, quality and number of teachers, curriculum modernization, quality management, offer of master’s programs, offer of diplomas and qualified registration are highlighted.

“This exercise is very interesting as we appreciate the agreement we have with Magdalena University, as a regular school, we are teacher trainers and the agreement allows alma mater students to implement practices in our educational institution, thus it enhances teacher training, but also the strength that allows us to have practitioners in the university.” said Javier Alfonso Yanchi Perez, President of the San Pedro Alejandrono Institute of Regular Higher Education.