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The European Union lifts several sanctions against Russia

The European Union has approved the seventh package of sanctions dubbed the “Maintenance and Harmonization Package” against Russia over its military operation in Ukraine, according to Hispan TV.

But in this new package, a number of financial restrictions on Russian oil and food exports were significantly lifted, as well as some bans on the supply of certain goods and services to Russia for aviation.

“Technical assistance in aviation matters will be permitted to the extent necessary to protect the work of establishing the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) industrial technical standards (ICAO, for its English acronym),” a statement from the European Union explains.

Minor amendments will also be made regarding the prohibition of transactions with Russian public entities to ensure access to justice.

To avoid any negative consequences for global food and energy security, the 27 countries also lifted restrictions related to Russian agricultural production and oil transportation to third countries.

Since the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine on February 24, the European Union and its Western allies have imposed a wave of restrictive measures against the Eurasian state, including freezing the assets of the Russian Central Bank and announcing sanctions on Putin and other Russians. authorities.

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