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20 de junio solsticio de verano

the end of the world? The European Space Agency reveals when and how this will happen

There are many Theories about the end of the world. many wonder When and how will this happen. Some hypotheses have become more popular than others and have had an impact on the world.

Many scholars claim that Climate change It will have to do with the collapse of the Earth.

according to recent studiesScientists managed Rounding out the remaining time to live on Earthaccording to research based on sun cycle.

European Space Agency (ESA) through a report Revealed how and when will be the end of the planet Earth and thus will be human life.

Calculations made by the scientists of the said agency indicate their approach to a study Sun activity The star that belongs to the Earth’s orbit.

star in main sequence stage Where the nucleus is able to convert hydrogen into helium, which causes The sun’s temperature and brightness.

As the sun continues its cycles, experts say, it will continue to grow in size and will get hotter. the star It will become a giant red starthat will determine its end.

In this way it will directly affect the Earth, Its surface will heat up and the water will evaporateback to Planet TUninhabitable land.

Over time, it will become the sun white dwarf star.


According to specialists, the event will happen approximately between approx 10 billion and 11 billion years ago.

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The agency stated that The sun may be in the middle of its cycleWhere Solar System 4 thousand 500 million years ago.

Factors that helped scientists determine this The end of the world separates us 8 billion years.

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