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The emotional story of the grandmother who received 6 consoles this Christmas

The emotional story of the grandmother who received 6 consoles this Christmas

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the birthday Too close to reach, so some stories, which may seem taken from a series, story or movie, becomes reality on these dates, such as what happened last Wednesday in the United States, where Grandma gave her a Nintendo 6 converts You are.

Deborah Lewis She is a 68-year-old woman who lives in Arizona And for whom one day, By chance, Target gave him 6 consoles Nintendo laptops. Louis Try to get them back To the branch located on your street, however, these were rejected by the staff.

On December 15 for employees from store they touched at Deborah’s door, who thought they had the task of taking the box where the Nintendo Switch was, although to his surprise, that didn’t happen.

One of the employees who appeared in your house Tell him those keys were his, and they were given to him. Lewis thought for a moment that he was teasing him, but the target manager was determined to give him the electronics. Faced with such an act, Deborah began to cry and hugged him.

On behalf of Target and your store targeting local on the same street, We want to give it to you so you can give it to your grandchildren or whoever you wantBranch official commented.

If you want to see this great story, here We leave you the video.

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