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The economic impact Messi will have in the United States with his arrival at Inter Miami

The economic impact Messi will have in the United States with his arrival at Inter Miami

Confirm access Lionel Messi to MLS with Inter Miami to have a major impact on the American soccer environment, Well, in a matter of hours, tickets for the South Florida club’s matches against all rivals in the league were sold out, plus the fact that the team’s social networks had greatly increased the number of followers.

but, According to a study by a brand value consulting firm Brand financing And share it with AS USA Latino, the economic, social and sporting impact Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami could not have been unprecedented.

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This study reveals that currently, Football has been overtaken by other sports in the United States in popularity, as in most states, with the exception of five, it is the most popular sport.while football only has a 3% interest, going up to 32% in most states.

but, As far as women’s soccer is concerned, this category is more popular to this day than the men’s category, this despite recent numbers landing in Major League Soccer that have changed the way American soccer is viewed.

but, The arrival of Lionel Messi could radically change that landscape, making soccer more popular in the US and even getting more fans from around the world to watch the MLS.

Messi will raise the value of the Inter Miami brand

Inter Miami is currently far from being one of the most popular clubs or the favorite teams of soccer fans in the United States, however, Brand Finance reveals Messi’s impact could be similar to Pele’s after his arrival at the New York Cosmos, sparking excitement like never before. Establishing assist records for MLS matches and unprecedented product sales not only in the United States, but worldwide.

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A clear example of this joint study is that according to the data, Messi’s departure from Barcelona in 2021 would have caused an 11% drop in the club’s brand value. The recovery has resulted in the cost of the business to a degree which is reflected in the overall value of the club.

“The arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami marks a turning point in the sporting landscape and opens up huge potential for growth in the United States. With his distinguished stature and exceptional skills, the addition of Messi represents a unique opportunity to increase business revenues, Attract sponsors and increase product sales. In addition, his influence on the field is expected to expand his fan base., promoting broadcasting and income from matches. With the arrival of Messi, The club aspires to redefine its brand, forging valuable partnerships that extend beyond its playing days. Don’t underestimate this star’s strength.said Hugo Hensley, Head of Sports at Brand Finance.