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The Dominicans have won the allure of athletics and qualified for the 4x400 relay final in Tokyo 2020

The Dominicans have won the allure of athletics and qualified for the 4×400 relay final in Tokyo 2020

The attraction of Dominican athletics has flourished, after eliminating the mixed quartet to move from lane to lane, in 4×400, in the first strike of Tokyo 2020

The Dominican Republic alleged that the track judge had wronged Dominican Annabel Medina.

He was in the second lane and was placed in the seventh lane. In the course of the test, she searched for her place and passed Luguelín Santos, who came in second after the United States.

The North American team, who was also disqualified, but also appealed the decision, was successful in his claim, so they Rehabilitation leaves the Spanish team, composed of Bernat Erta, Laura Bueno, Samuel Garcia and Ori Buxa, who clocked a time of 3:13.29 at the finish line, a national record, and entered the final with a place in the playoff after. Disqualification in the first group of mutual friends.

The top three in each series go straight to the final.

In addition to Santos and Medina, the Creole quartet consists of Lidio Vélez and Marilyde Paulino.

The Dominican representation came in second with a time of 3:12.74, behind the United States, first with a time of 3:11.39 and Belgium, 3:12.75. The test was held at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

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