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The Dominicans created 'Domeland', the first metaphysics of the Dominican Republic

The Dominicans created ‘Domeland’, the first metaphysics of the Dominican Republic

The new daily, Santo Domingo. – Domiland is a mobile application developed by Nolim Studios, the project seeks to recreate the entire country within the metaverse, but initially tourist areas will be shown, such as the colonial area and the monument to the heroes of the restoration of Santiago.

Nolim Studios is a small company developing interactive simulation and video games, which last year won second place in the “Hack’n Jam” competition in Mexico, thanks to the development of the mobile application “Meet RD”, an augmented reality project where users can simply see the sights archeology of our country; Instead, “Domiland” will be the main meaning of the Dominican Republic, which means that for the first time, people will be able to meet, interact and do business within the virtual Dominican Republic.

Domiland will have its own currency with which users will be able to do various types of business within the metaverse, such as brand advertising, non-fong token sale (NFT), buying, selling and renting of virtual goods, events, transmissions and transportation.

Nolim Studios employees are certified in video game development, virtual reality and augmented reality. Seven people are currently working on the expensive and ambitious project that could be launched in its first version in 2023.

The company invites Internet users to subscribe to its platform http://domiland.org/ And stay up-to-date on your social networks, learn about the Domiland beta and try it out when it’s ready.

In Argentina, they have already created a metaverse called “Decentraland” which is widely used to promote and sell 3D models, among other companies. It is also mentioned that Meta has many experts working on this type of technology.

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