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The disturbing discovery that forced Gerard Pique to stop building a hotel

The disturbing discovery that forced Gerard Pique to stop building a hotel

Gerard Pique is a Barcelona defender and founder of entertainment group Cosmos

Gerrard Pique She’s going through tough times because of her recent breakup with Shakira An archaeological discovery has been added limiting his investment by nearly $50 million. It is about building a five-star hotel in the Spanish region of Malaga in an area where 250 tombs have been found dating back more than half a century.

Founder gathering Cosmosdevoted to the organization of sporting events, associated with buying the lot he made Kerad Holdings, the family business headed by his father, with a total cost of nearly $20 million. The intention was to invest more than twice that millionaire’s sum to build a majestic place in one of the most preferred destinations for tourists like the Costa del Sol.

In the midst of his media outage after twelve years of his relationship with the Colombian singer, Effects The project, which began in 2015, has continued, but these goals have changed due to the recent appearance of an Islamic cemetery in the Jebel Farrouh necropolis, after seven years of excavation.

“We have dug about 250 graves, the vast majority of which are empty.”The archaeologist and director of the company that carried out these works stated, Alberto Compianfor the Spanish program Today Malaga. In an interview with the series is being From the same country she expanded this information: “It is possible that the graves were never used, and they are not of sufficient value for preservation.”

Construction of this family hotel complex in Pique will resume from next January
Construction of this family hotel complex in Pique will resume from next January

The strongest hypothesis we consider is that its construction coincided with the Christian occupation of the present city Malaga. Residents would have been afraid to break out of the walls, so tombs were built outside the walls. We highlight the fact that we found an extraordinary item: a funerary stela, on which information was collected about a buried family, ”explained the specialist.

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Show this discovery 5% “A large Islamic cemetery in Malaga, one of the largest in the peninsula” dating back to antiquity From the tenth to the fifteenth century In a place with an “enormous” density of burials: “We will have to raise the graves from this first stage to reach the next burials.”

Although they will have to keep digging until the ground is completely cleared, they are confident they will be able to restart the business from January with the possibility that the family will. Effects You must commit to protecting and maintaining the original structures at the time. It can be built without problems.Compean was sentenced.

In this sense, various works have been carried out on the project with the goal that “once the archaeological intervention is completed, both the foundations and the elevation of the entire hotel have been designed so that the works can be practically continued immediately” in view of the construction of the facility to be managed by the group millia.

The reopening of this building will mark the beginning of a new project related to the 35-year-old defender who is based in Barcelona and who, through his portfolio of businesses, already owns various content products as well as organizes Davis CupThe Spanish Super CupSecond Division Club Management Andorrajoined by a team of esports.

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