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The court proposes to recognize the extradition law in Honduras

The court proposes to recognize the extradition law in Honduras


Chairman of Supreme Court, Rolando Arcuada Perez, Recommended the approval of a law Handing over On Honduras.

This law will give “more clarity, commitment and confidence to these kinds of issues”.

At the discretion of the Judicial Officer, there is no article Constitution of the Republic This nature assumes that it is autonomous in its use, which is why it must be enforced by special or ordinary law with basic requirements.

It stressed that demands such as practical matters and conditions related to the mechanisms of the challenge should prevail in the demands. Handing over

“We are bound by the agreed order Supreme Court Above, according to global policy, is a rule of administrative nature rather than a view of the right jurisdiction, ”he declared.

He proposed that the rules should be specific, in order to regulate the nature of a special law in detail, strongly and accurately. Handing over

Although he did not necessarily see it, Argueda has argued in the past: “This is a teacher Legislative power, A law may be discussed and approved on his initiative, and we are fully prepared if this regulation of nature comes into force ”.

In 2012, The National Congress Approved the constitutional amendment that gave the green light to be handed over by the agreed order United States.

It was in 2014 that the first Honduran cabo was awarded to American justice. A further 23 hondurans have been handed over to date, with three more waiting to be sent United States. Contrary to Arquetta’s new recommendations in February 2020, his opinion was the opposite.

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“The approval of the handover law does not need to be discussed. We are working with Article 102 Constitution of the Republic An agreed order describing certain procedures upon receipt of the handover request, ”said its owner on the occasion Authorized person.