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The Council reinforces its commitment to Science Week

The Council reinforces its commitment to Science Week

The 20th edition of Science Week, which took place between November 12 and 20, saw more than 300 activities organized by 30 institutions from the community’s nine districts, many of them linked to the Ministry of Education. Through these initiatives, the work done by community researchers has been brought closer to all types of audiences.

Thus, thanks to the participation of all the universities of Castilla y León, institutions and research centers have opened their doors to the public for more than a week so that they can get acquainted with the main developments and lines of work through workshops, exhibitions, Guided tours, meetings with researchers, scientific cafés, debates, conferences or presentations.

The Junta de Castilla y León has established scholarly publishing as one of the main objectives of the University-Company Knowledge Transfer (TCUE) 2021-2023 plan which, in turn, is in line with the main vectors defined by the Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) of Castilla y León 2021-2027 and also with The main European tools in this matter.

From its beginnings in 2008 to the present, the Ministry of Education has pumped around 30 million euros to the Universities of Castilla y León to strengthen knowledge transfer activities. The 2021-2023 plan has more than seven million, funded exclusively by the community.

Scientific publication throughout the course

In line with the above, the department directed by Rocío Lucas develops various initiatives of a complementary nature to the curriculum aimed at promoting talent development in all things related to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) throughout the academic year. And not just during Science Week. In addition, special attention is given to those targeting girls and young women, which contribute to reducing the existing gender gap in scientific and technological professions.

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Some of these initiatives – whether they are the result of collaboration with other institutions – are: First Lego League Program, MusiARQ 2022, STEM Talent Girl Project or STEM Talent Kids, RuralBOTic Initiative, Asti Robotics Challenge, AQUALOGÍA or the motivation given by the Ministry of Education to various games Olympiad for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.