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The consequences of Florida’s anti-immigrant law and the girl discovered by the Netflix series: 6 videos that mark the week

We’re following closely this week on Univision News The story of Kayla Unbehan, a woman who disappeared six years ago in North Carolina. Although authorities kept their search active, Miner was not found until her case appeared on the Netflix series.

Here are 6 videos where you can learn about the most relevant events of the week:

1.- The girl who disappeared six years ago thanks to the Netflix series: she was kidnapped by her mother

“I am Glad Kayla is home safe”, Kayla Unbehan’s father Ryan Iskerka wrote on the Facebook account of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

The Kayla’s mother, Heather Anbehan, 40He was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping his daughter and a judge set his bail at $250,000.

Thanks to the Netflix series, the girl disappeared six years ago: she was kidnapped by her mother

2.- Florida farm workers walk away from their jobs after new immigration law

Many of them They have decided to give up their work in the field.

This is the story of Mireya Estrada GonzalezOne worker chose to take a risk and go back to his workplace, despite admitting he feared being deported to Mexico and never seeing his daughters again.

3.- Lawyer Explains How Law Against Undocumented Immigrants Affects Legal Residents and Citizens of Florida

Immigration attorney Elena Santana explained some Key to the legislation is SB1718, a tough crackdown on undocumented immigration in the countryBut with consequences for legal residents and citizens of Florida as well.

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“Uber drivers, taxi drivers, do they now have to ask about the legal status of their passengers? This is a radical change that affects not only immigrants passing through the state, but also legal residents who live with them. Say their relatives or friends”, he notes.

Watch the full interview here:

How does the law against undocumented immigrants affect Florida’s legal residents and citizens?

4.- Miami-Dade Police Vow Not to Harass Undocumented Immigrants After Florida’s New Anti-Immigrant Law

Miami-Dade police said Officials worry about the potential for undocumented people to stop reporting crimes Fearing reprisals for his stay in the US.

Alvaro Zabaleta, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade County Police Department, assured that his job is to protect the community and not harm it. This is what he said:

5.- The medical grandfather could not save the life of his granddaughter who underwent a buttock operation.

Renowned Miami physician Dr. Marcio Perez told the Acu y Ahora project what he experienced when he learned that his granddaughter Tania would undergo liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks.

The young woman was already in the operating room when the man tried to speak to his granddaughter to warn her of the dangers of this type of surgery. Hours later, her worst fears came true.

A grandfather’s doctor could not save his granddaughter’s life after a buttock operation

6.- Hispanic Truckers Propose Not To Move To Florida In Protest Against Anti-Immigrant Law

Under the phrase ‘my truck won’t move’, some Hispanic truckers are asking other colleagues to join the protest not to travel to or from Florida.As a way to protest the new law against undocumented immigrants.

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While some transporters have expressed their support for the initiative through social media, others are skeptical because they can’t take home the money if they don’t move the cargo.