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The comrades carried the casket and said goodbye to Jose Ramon Fernandez Mediotempo

The comrades carried the casket and said goodbye to Jose Ramon Fernandez Mediotempo

Mexico City /

in September 2006 TV Azteca decided to finish one of the most enriching stages of its content and attracted the audience That Jose Ramon Fernandez At the head of the sports department, which led to Signs of compliance among his former employees that limit the excluded.

David Fattelsonwho was asked by Ricardo Salinas Bleigo to stay on the cast with a significant improvement in his quality of life, recalled such an episode, which would help reinforce his feeling that going to ESPN was the best thing, as In Ajusco I didn’t see ‘revenge’ that led to some absurdities being committed.

“I wanted to work at ESPN, On TV Azteca did not treat me badlyon the contrary, because When Jose Ramon falls, better economic performance. Mr. Salinas called me to tell me ‘Pick a late model car, a pickup for you. I won’t make you boss, it’ll be Pablo Latape and there will be a commission below’, But I started to feel that Jose Ramon smelled wrongFaitelson detailed in an interview with Toño de Valdés.

The union journey that took him to the furthest point from Azteca

Then he mentioned it “Not because there is betrayal”but simply The people who worked with Jose Ramon celebrated the end of his theater; It was an integration trip to Taxco where it was agreed that he should start from there.

“I lived the tragic scene there; Some comrades pass by carrying a coffin and I say “What is this?”to which they responded It’s the era of Jose Ramon.…but we were part of the team that we learned from!

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Vittelson, who is leaving for the United States, added, “There was a silly revenge, they played a clip from the Olympics and said ‘Take the voice of Jose Ramon’…and there I said, ‘I have to go’.” To live a new stage away from the company he left gratefulalthough he was not always happy.