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The composer reveals the reason for his divorce and how he joins Roche RT

The composer reveals the reason for his divorce and how he joins Roche RT

From the definite separation between Composer And Ana CarolinaMany thought that a media circus was going to arise around them, but both individuals handled the situation well, especially for their children.

“I never used my relationship, so my life was maintained, I never uploaded photos on social networks or anything like that. We fought a lot because we didn’t understand each other,” the composer commented.

The urban artist affirms that there is no betrayal on the part of the model and that a compromise is impossible because all the processes of possible union have already been exhausted, especially since the two are creating paths separately, signifying a press release.

“We tried everything and in the end she told us to separate and I respected it,” he said.

When asked about Santiago Mathias On the Alofolk radio show, how happy he feels, whether married or lonely, the urban translator did not hesitate to say how he feels so well in this single moment.

For many, separation or divorce is synonymous with failure, but for the composer it is not because he now admits he has a better relationship with Ana Carolina.

“We had to leave us to be fine. Now she asks me any question. I answer her without fear. She asks me too. I answer without fear of her,” he said.

And she added: “She added a lot to me when we were together, I learned to be a man with her, she gave me two kids, she supported me a lot, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.”

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About his current love life

Realizing that he is out of control because he has been meeting so many women, he denies the relationship with a Cuban model, although he admits that something happened between them, but nothing major.

He explained that he does not want to make a commitment with any woman at present and is only focusing on his career. For a possible relationship, he only demands that she understand his life, and that he is not a famous person.

In friendship with Rochy RD

The musician said he was not a friend of Roche RT, but the environment of friends in labor matters insisted that they meet and he admitted that he had good chemistry from the first time they met.

What I see in Roche is that he is a smart and talented guy and he has shown me respect since he met me. I felt comfortable registering with Roche. “

He is currently celebrating the success of “Abagando Vela”, which has reached one million views on YouTube in 24 hours.

Regarding his international career, his musical collaboration with Nicky Jam on the song “No Hey Falla” opened many doors for him, so he says he will be on the agenda to record with many international artists once the tour in the United States is over.

Regarding the challenges of urban Dominicans, the translator of “Limonada Coco” announced that he agrees that urban artists with a collection of songs and musical heritage would like to perform on major stages in the United States, such as the United Palace. Work Alpha Through his new tour he is motivated to work towards that kind of success.

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Regarding who is the second Dominican urban artist with the best international projection, he says that without a doubt, Simbala is second in the local genre batting.