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The company/use of eyeglasses improves the visual health and general well-being of its users, according to ZVC Viapol

January is the month of good intentions. On other occasions, ZEISS VISION CENTER Seville has published a collection of good visual practices. On this occasion, looking at the year 2023, its specialists want to remember everything that glasses can do to improve well-being, perhaps not known.

January is the month of good intentions. On other occasions, ZEISS VISION CENTER Viapol has published a collection of good visual practices. On this occasion, looking forward to 2023, professionals want to remember all that glasses can do to improve health in addition to visual correction.

“We all know that glasses allow us to see clearly again. With the right lenses, glasses correct our vision problems. But what they may not know is that glasses can do much more to improve our well-being,” says Javier Vega, technical expert director of ZVC Viapol.

Here is a summary of the ten most important aspects:

Some people suffer from headaches for years and don’t know why. The origin of this headache often ends up being related to vision problems and eyestrain. “When this happens, it is recommended to go to an ophthalmologist for an eye examination. Sometimes glasses work real miracles. A check of binocular vision, that is, how both eyes are coordinated, is essential to eliminate chronic problems, as we do at ZVC Viapol, with ZEISS Visual Analysis, ” says Javier Vega, Technical Director of ZVC Viapol.

Spending a long day working in front of a computer can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. This is because you often don’t look at the screen properly to see clearly. This strains the eyes, but a special visual aid for working in front of a computer can allow the eyes to relax. “At ZVC Viapol we have multiple options to improve visual well-being at work,” continues Vega.

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Heavy glasses that press on the nose or behind the ears, leaving unsightly marks every day, are a thing of the past. “It is enough to get close to the optics to put an end to these stress points, but there are more possibilities. Today’s technology allows for new, lightweight frames with modern, thin lenses,” explains the outlet.

Many eyeglasses wearers are tired of constantly switching between prescription glasses and sunglasses. Also, glasses don’t do well when randomly tossed into a bag, shirt pocket, or glove compartment of a car. Photochromic lenses are ideal, especially for those who need to wear glasses at all times: they allow perfect vision in all lighting conditions as these lenses go from light to dark and back incredibly quickly.

Nowadays, looking at a smartphone is a part of life. You no longer notice how often you change your view between your mobile phone and the real world. But the eyes are aware of this, especially as the years go by. They work overtime, and one of the results is what is known as computer vision syndrome. As a result, you can experience headaches, muscle tension, and excessive visual fatigue. “Digital lenses, the design of which is tailored to the way we look at reality now, can help,” explains the optometrist.

Glasses protect the eyes. This is what safety glasses do at work. But sports glasses must also be taken into account, which – thanks to their curved design – provide excellent protection (for example from wind at high speeds), perfect vision in changing light conditions and, last but not least, the most important thing they protect the eyes from small particles in the air when Descent downhill at high speed.

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Blue lens color is widely believed to have a calming effect, yellow is pleasant in diffused light and supposedly improves mood, while pink increases visual acuity. Many people discuss how each lens color can affect mood. But, as a general rule, it can be said that the way lens color affects the wearer really varies from person to person. “Trying different colored lenses at the ophthalmologist to find the most suitable lens for each patient is something we usually have at ZVC Viapol,” says Vega.

Sometimes it is important to perceive better contrast than normal vision can provide. This happens with sunglasses, when more sharpness is needed, or with prescription glasses, if divergent vision is limited by vision problems. “ZEISS visual analysis at ZVC Viapol offers patients and their visual needs exciting vision solutions that improve contrast perception,” explains Javier Vega.

Water sports enthusiasts, drivers, and anyone who is bothered by reflections when looking through their sunglasses have a perfect solution in polarized filter lenses. They reduce glare caused by sunlight reflecting off wet or shiny surfaces, so the user can enjoy a comfortable view. “At ZVC Viapol, we show them the difference,” Vega continues.

Many drivers do not like driving at sunset because they feel insecure behind the wheel. A person’s vision during the day and at night, with open pupils, can be very different. The important thing is that with a measurement system – such as the ZEISS i.Profiler®plus – the optometrist can determine how well you can see at night and improve your vision with special lenses that incorporate i.Scription® technology. “In addition, there are lenses such as ZEISS DriveSafe, which are designed to provide drivers with increased safety. They are everyday glasses for driving,” concludes Vega.

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