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The comet will return to Earth 50,000 years after its first return – El Sol de Puebla

see a pass a kite As for shooting star It is common to ask a he wishesbut whoever looks does not question me age this is orb It could be, since it could be a recent formation as well as one that hadn’t gone through 50,000 years orbit we’ve got planetas it will happen in 2023 with a comet dating back to Paleolithic.

the Information Recently released by a potwho also explained how this could be freak In addition to dates whose passage was predicted and even the manner in which it was carried out People They will be able to monitor your step, so if you are a fan of waiting evening to look into sky Surprises await all here details.

C/2022 E3 (ZTF) The comet that will return to Earth

the orb will return to the earth He has a name C/2022 E3 (ZTF) and he a kite What happened last time orbit we’ve got planet 50 thousand years ago during Paleolithicwhich was determined after observing its impact within Solar System its closest point to Sun On January 12th next, then going to planet.

to me American body It may be visible to the naked eye without the need for it Tools between the first and second of FebruaryThis is because it maintains brighteven with permission binoculars or a telescope It can be observed a day before the maximum nearly who will be in the morning at Northern Hemisphere Toward Northeast.

the specialists I recommend watching him, wait for the moment when he is Moon darker in skywith this opportunity with Moon New as of January 21st, this is without factor consideration weather In their passage time that will be given when they are in Camelopardalis constellation.

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How was it determined that this comet had actually passed Earth?

It was Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) who decided that this object is his orbital for nearly 50,000 years, which brings its point closer to Sun to be 160 million km, while from the earth is 42 million km, so the mathematical calculations They throw it up the last time he went through it planet That was when it was Homo sapiens faced the latter ice Age.

It should be noted though Progress In this matter, it was possible to find out only recently conditionSpecifically, last month March From 2022 through a Wide field scanning camerawhich is located at Zwicky Transition Attachmentalthough before his studies it was believed that he was asteroid.

At that time the object was inside orbit of Jupiterwhich aroused even greater interest when it began to increase brightan effect that only occurs with the extension Kitesin addition to the fact that it has been determined that it contains A halo of gas and dust that gives it shine greenish tone;plus one Long smooth tail Any part of the main body.