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The Columbus coach says his players were sick to their stomachs

The Columbus coach says his players were sick to their stomachs

I finish! he Pachuca Club Achieve him Sixth title Subordinate CONCACAF Champions Cup By defeating Columbus Crew, American League Champion. The Mexican national team gave a lecture at A last Which was on one side and thus achieved its goal Ticket to the new format of the Club World Cup.

however, Wilfred Nancy,strategic Columbus CrewHe stressed that this title, although he deserves it for the Mexican club, has a bad taste for him, because it is too much playersas The entire staff came to a compromise due to stomach discomfort:

He added: “The score was three to zero, so we took advantage of the opportunities that were given to us. We had several opportunities. We had the opportunity at the beginning of the match, which we did not take advantage of, and after that we did what we usually do.” We conceded a goal. In this situation, the goal we conceded was due to a mistake. The important thing is that we had chances to score, against Pachuca. Pachuca really deserves it, and that’s a credit to them. “Since yesterday, many players and staff have suffered from problems, pain and diarrhea.”

Diarrhea and stomach pain They were, in their view, a differentiator for a club that had never produced a hundred on the field of play.

“As you understand, we lost the final. We did not achieve it, but we always learn, in victories and in defeats. I am proud of my players. We lost the last step.

Finally, he realized that one of the keys to defeat is not taking advantage of dangerous plays, because with… The first and second goalsHe admitted that the American League champion team was suffering from positional problems that caused it to fall on the scoreboard and to disagree against the tide.

“In the first three or five minutes, we had several chances to score, but we did not make good decisions. When we conceded the goal, it was difficult to change or change the result. We did not give up, we continued, but it was not enough. We thought we could score a goal, But we didn’t, those two goals… We could have done better.”

“[…] I’m referring to the first and second goals. There were positional problems, not only with the centre-backs, but also with the full-backs. They played too fast and we couldn’t come back. “We have to improve this part, and try to get back to defending, and that’s what he decided.”

In this way the club sought to be called “I eat Mexicans“You should wait to hold that title, because though Elimination of the Tigris and Rayadosfinally goes home without the grand prize, a championship Concaça championsAfter losing to a Mexican team, he became accustomed to winning international tournaments.

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What did “Cucho” Hernandez say?

he – Columbus Crew Goal: Juan Camilo HernandezHe stressed that the team is not in a position to compete in the final match, considering that it is “no coincidence” that more than 20 people were infected with the disease within the club:

“Between two days, we had more than 20 people sick, suffering from diarrhea all night. It is not a coincidence that 20 people fell ill. I don’t want to blame anyone or make excuses for the outcome, I think it affected us. We saw that we were not well.” Physically, some of the boys had two nights without sleep. There are some things to improve. We came to play football, and the more equal things are, the fairer the result will always be.