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"The chiefs don't know what to do with the industrialists, but many don't want Carmona anymore" - SwingComplete

“The chiefs don’t know what to do with the industrialists, but many don’t want Carmona anymore” – SwingComplete

Written by Jasel Porto

The elimination of the Industrialists in just five matches against Alazanes de Granma in the quarter-finals has unleashed a wave of opinion over the team’s result, many of which speak of a high responsibility in Lyon’s management.

A large percentage of fans, especially the industrialists, appreciate the management of Guillermo Carmona and a good part of the group as negative, proposing several names for the upcoming national series that will not start until the beginning of 2023.

While the manager and his work group always have an influence on the good or bad that happens with his team, I think the industries winning drought (it’s been going on for 12 years) is multifactorial and maybe this aspect isn’t one of the biggest weight. Indeed, after the title awarded to German Mesa in 2010, all manner of men with special styles and characteristics passed through the bench without passing the 2012 runner-up.

In an exchange I had with three members of the Cuban 12-time champion team with that name, they told me that leading the Blues was not the main reason for the defeat to the current champions. Of course, they also emphasized that the majority of the “provincial” chiefs did not want Carmona to continue to lead the Havana squad.

“They put Carmona there because Engelada suggested it, but the managers of INDER in Havana didn’t quite agree with her putting her there. Look what happened back then, they put Victor Mesa at the last minute and didn’t care that he was preparing for it long before. Now the chiefs don’t know what to do with the industrialists, but many don’t want Carmona,” one of the chief shooters told me.

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He added that what was commented on at these levels is that the sustainability of the strategy will depend on the position of the lions in the tournament. “If the team had reached the final, or even discussed a seventh game in the semi-final, I think they would leave him at the helm, but losing the first playoff in five games is difficult for them not to look for a new manager.

It is clear that despite their loss to the current Cuban monarch, many people do not see this as a good role. Especially since they couldn’t even make it to the sixth inning and because of the rankings that were intertwined almost to the end.

Carmona is a good man, but he does not fall in love with superiors like the others. Perhaps because he was not a great player. But I don’t think they’ll leave him in directing next year. If he continues, it is because those who want this position do not have their own interest, they get sick, like de la Torre,” one of the capital’s team players admitted to me.

The other Industriales member I spoke to via whatsapp insisted that now the main issue is who can replace Carmona since there aren’t many options.

Rudy and Tabaris aren’t in Cuba, Vargas is officially living in Miami, and Javier, Padilla and Germain most likely don’t want to direct again because they’re on other important projects. De la Torre wants it, but it displeases him in the province. Mallita has been commented on, but he loves the batting coach job where he is so good. They also talk about Erlys Garrido but maybe he doesn’t have a big name that limits him so much with people and especially those who decide that.”

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He clarified once again that the credits should be omitted in these cases because of the consequences they can have based on what the regulations dictate on data or information provided to media outlets not recognized by the Cuban baseball authorities.

Perhaps the lack of a candidate is what keeps Carmona facing the 62nd National Series, as well as some other provincial-level board members who consider industrialists’ problems beyond appointing or removing a director.

Only time will tell the reality about it, though many insist it will hardly tell much what happens around Lions’ top leadership to finish out of the second-worst title drought. This is a topic that I would like to comment on shortly, since there are many aspects and almost all of them are very complex.

Guillermo Carmona directed the industries between 1998-99 and 2000-01 initially after a successful stint with Metropolitanos. He reached the final in his first year with the Blues, but his results waned as the roster dwindled. They were in the semi-finals against Pinar del Rio in 2000 and a year later they defeated themselves in the quarter-finals.

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