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The case of Haiti: 6 trips of the President's Security Chief - Investigation Unit to Bogota

The case of Haiti: 6 trips of the President’s Security Chief – Investigation Unit to Bogota

The four international agencies investigating the assassination of Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moss, are sure of it Dimitri Herrar, Head of National Palace Security, is a key piece to prove what happened in the early morning of July 7, when the president was annihilated.

In addition to being heard in a statement, scheduled for July 13, he also wants to prove what he did on several trips to Ecuador, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, between January 2021 and last May. And his private security company’s links with the company that recruited the former Colombian soldiers linked to the case are investigated: CTU Security LLC.

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Since Sunday, EL TIEMPO revealed the displacement of Herrard, which, according to the director of the Colombian police, General Jorge Luis VargasThere were seven touching Colombian territory.

Commissioner Herrard traveled on January 19 (Bogota – Dominican Republic), January 20 (Bogota – Ecuador), February 1 (Ecuador – Bogota – Dominican Republic), and on May 22 ( May) (Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic – Bogota) and on May 23 (Bogota) – Ecuador).

Similarly, the May 29 from Bogota to the Dominican Republic.
And while the country’s capital seems like a stopping point, researchers are striving to find out What he did in Colombia.

(In the context of: Exclusive: This is how they got to Haiti (involved in the president’s crime)

Doctor Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who was arrested last weekend, is accused of being one of the masterminds of the crime.

Companies and bulk parties

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Dimitri Herrard had already been investigated for alleged arms smuggling. And the authorities want him and Jean Lagel Seville, President Moss’ security coordinator, explains how they allowed the president to brutally torture and then kill at his residence.

is also not understood, Why was no one injured from the security ring? And how the armed leadership entered without being detected or even an exchange of fire.

(On the topic: Who is Sanon, the doctor arrested for the crime of the Haitian president?)

Doberni Cappadore Giraldo costume

His family alleges that Doberny Cappador traveled to Haiti to work for a security firm.

Herrard was also on the authorities’ minds for having a security company in his name, despite being a civil servant. In fact, this signature is another of the leads of the investigation.

EL TIEMPO predicted that the company CTU Security LLC, An anonymous company created on March 21, 2008 in Florida, would have been the bridge to recruit former Colombian military personnel.

(what’s more: Before killing him, the killers tortured the president of Haiti)

On Monday, General Vargas revealed that there were contacts between that company and two Colombians involved: Germany’s Alejandro Rivera Garcia s Doberni Cappador, 40 years old (died in Haiti).

In addition, it is already known that with the same credit card (from the US), it is supposed to be associated with that company, at least 19 tickets used by ex-military To go from Bogota to the Dominican Republic, then jump to Haiti.

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