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The Caracol Museo de Ciencias publishes its program for the month of January

Carla Padilla / Overwatch
[email protected] | Cove, BC

Functions in the planetarium, astronomical observations, geological walks, workshops and already traditional tours of the different rooms will be part of the activities that the Karakol Science Museum will hold during January.
All activities are open to the general public and have a refund cost, said Julia Bendemez Patterson, the venue’s manager.
For example, it was mentioned that on Saturdays and Sundays of the month there will be cinema screenings of the planetarium, at a cost of 50 pesos, in which documentaries and short films on various topics will be shown.
He said that two short films are being presented this month from Caracol’s original productions, produced by the Outreach and Scientific Education team, such as “Ensenada from Heaven”, which contains samples from different areas of the port.
Similarly, “The Coasts of Ensenada” is presented, which continues the aerial video documentation of the landscape of Ensenada, reminding audiences of the everyday importance of human and natural relationships; In addition, the documentary “Vision: A Photon’s Journey Through Space, Time, and Mind” will be shown.
Whereas, in the case of astronomical observations, these observations will be made monthly, so this month they will take place on Saturdays at 5:00 pm in the museum courtyard.
“In this activity, visitors will be able to appreciate the moon and its details, such as spots and craters, through our telescope, while an explanation is given about the origin of its appearance and other data,” he said.
The activity has a redemption cost of 50 pesos per person and it is not necessary to register to attend, but he confirmed that due to the climate of Ensenada and the museum area, the activity is subject to weather conditions, because sometimes the sky is full of breeze and the moon is not allowed to be seen.
Regarding the geological walk, he commented that it is a combination of hiking and geology, and that this month he will walk the path that leads to the Ojo de Cervo resident while the geological interpretation of the rocks that make up the path and its surroundings is carried out. Outside, teach the history of the formation of the bay and its landscape through time.
He noted that this month’s march will be on Sunday, January 29 at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting point is Durango State University Expansion. He noted that for this activity, which also has a redemption cost of 50 pesos per person, space is limited, so it is important to register at https://linktr.ee/museocaracol.

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workshop to attend
Bendemiz Patterson added that as part of the museum’s rooms tour, an “Engineering in Your Hands” workshop will be included, where attendees will be able to make engineering artifacts with homemade materials.
“The aim of this workshop is to enhance STEM skills for girls and boys, through workshops where they are presented with educational versions of space exploration projects,” he said.

And finally, he confirmed that the guided tour lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes, and includes a visit to the Earth Room, the Sea Room project, the Sky Room, a show in the planetarium and the temporary exhibition hall, where the exhibition “Astrophotography: A Look at the Universe” is currently located, with photos and time-lapse videos created by teachers and students from the Northwest Institute of Photography.