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The British Prime Minister's chief of staff is a cooperating witness in the case against Wanda Vasquez

The British Prime Minister’s chief of staff is a cooperating witness in the case against Wanda Vasquez

The UK Prime Minister’s chief of staff is a cooperating witness for US authorities in the case against the former governor. Wanda Vasquez GarstuEnglish media reported yesterday.

About Mark FulbrookHe was a key advisor and right hand man Liz dresswho will lead the British government from this September.

According to The Sunday Times newspaper, Fulbrook was interviewed by officers Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, its English acronym) allegedly participated in a scheme to influence elections in Puerto Rico.

“It was revealed today that (Fulbrook) was involved in a plot to undermine democracy in Puerto Rico,” The Sunday Times reported.

According to the press report, Fulbrook began to investigate Central Judiciary And the FBI this year and last April asked British authorities to ensure he would appear for a formal interview.

After being approached by Scotland Yard officials, his company received a court summons and was forced to hand over hundreds of “sensitive” emails, the newspaper added.

Fulbrook has signed a contract with the FBI and is cooperating as a witness.

This case relates to the co-defendant in the presence of Fulbrook Julio Herrera Velutini, He is the owner of Bancocrédito in Puerto Rico, but lives in England, where he runs several financial institutions and has donated to British politicians, particularly the Conservative Party.

In addition to Vázquez Garced and Herrera Velutini, the third defendant in the case is Mark Rossini, a former FBI agent and banker’s adviser.

According to a federal grand jury indictment, The three conspired so Vasquez Corset received contributions to his campaign With Rossini’s help, the banker appealed to the governor in exchange for the removal of then-officer George Joyner from office. Commissioner of Financial Institutions (OCIF), to end an audit that found suspicious transactions in Herrera Velutini’s bank accounts.

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Because Herrera Velutini did not want his name attached to the donation because he was not a US citizen, he hired CT Group, an Australian firm founded by influential political strategist Sir Lyndon Crosby, The Times reported.

At the time, Fulbrook was CT’s head of global projects and was responsible for the banker’s claim, he said. Later, he left Fullbrook and founded his own company: “Fullbrook Strategies”.

The Times pointed out that Fulbrook was identified in the indictment as “international consulting firm partner #2.”

The newspaper also reported that Fulbrook offered an “offer agreement” with the FBI, which does not grant him absolute immunity, but allows him to provide evidence knowing it will not be used against him.

The Times reported that on the same day Joyner’s resignation letter was published, Fulbrook traveled from London to San Juan “for a 6:00 p.m. meeting with Velutini and Vasquez Garstu at a luxury hotel.”

“Attorneys say Fulbrook Vasquez should lead Garst through a presentation that will show the governor what CD — with Velutini’s money — can do,” the Times reported.

He added, “Fulbrook, Velutini and Vasquez Corset and several associates attended the hotel meeting. Those present were warned that there should be no delay and that no one could join them once the meeting started. Fullbrook and his colleague told Vasquez how they would help Garst win (the election).

“A few days later, (Vázquez Garced) expressed his approval to CT and (Herrera) agreed to pay Velutini his first amount. Fulbrook sent bills to Valutini using the name of a corporate entity associated with his bank.”

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In reports New day, CT Group confirmed the hiring of Herrera Velutini and “as a result,” current employees and Fulbrook “were witnesses in this matter. And he and the C|T team have engaged extensively, thoroughly and voluntarily with the US authorities on this matter.

Julio Herrera Velutini turned himself in to the FBI in San Juan on August 31. Carlos Giusti/GFR Media (Carlos Rivera Giusti)

In his statement, C

“(C|T) did no work and did not provide any findings of its analysis to the governor (Vázquez Garced) or his campaign,” the spokesperson said.

However, “on one occasion, one of (Herrera) Velutini’s associates wrote to the Vasquez Corset group: ‘This is a statement from the people of London, please do not print it or share it with anyone” .

Influence on British politics

The Times reported that British government officials were aware of Fulbrook’s involvement in the case.

He reportedly told the cabinet’s ethics office about the controversy, but has in the past fielded questions about why he didn’t get a security clearance, saying it was normal.

A source from the newspaper said it raised “a number of issues”, including diplomatic implications, as “a key adviser to the Prime Minister is being investigated by the government of Great Britain’s closest ally”.

The Times expected Truss to face questions about what Fulbrook was telling her about the case and how she acted.

Before leading his cabinet, according to the newspaper, Fulbrook served as secretary to Truss and helped finalize his cabinet appointments.

On August 3, a federal grand jury indicted Vasquez Corset, Herrera Velutini and Rossini on a seven-count indictment.

All three were sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges including conspiracy, bribery and fraud.