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The Board of Medicine meets to elect a Dean

After two failed sessions, The United Nations University College of Medical Sciences Board of Directors met on Good Friday Starting at 9 o’clock to elect the dean for the period 2022-2026. The current head of that academic unit, Dr. Juan Basualdo Fargat, after several negotiations with the student body, obtained the eleven votes he needed for re-election.

As mentioned 0221.com.arThe quorum was not completed in last Wednesday’s session by the Heads of Practical and Alumni Business Administrations, made up of one and two members respectively. But on this occasion, and as stipulated in Article 102 of the statutes of the United Nations Police University, it will be possible to meet “by a simple majority of its members”.

It should be noted that the board of directors for each academic unit consists of 16 members: Seven teachers, a head of practical work, two graduate or postgraduate assistants, five students and a non-teaching representative.

Thus, the jigsaw in medical science is still uncertain. The current brigadier general, Juan Basualdo Vergat, needs eleven votes out of sixteen to be re-elected, and nine to propose his successor.

During Monday’s session, he had seven accessions from faculty and one from non-faculty, but at the time he had not given the students their consent to extend his term. through their social networks, They explained that the date of the dean’s vote for the period 2022-2026 is premature.

After discussing it at a meeting, they decided not to give a quorum, and in turn asked the authorities to hold a meeting so that the list of their claims could be heard: They ask for more teachers and face-to-face classes to fit a gap (building and quality of courses) that appeared in the college after opening admission to students without a restricted exam. With a commitment to respond to these demands, The student body decided to support the re-election of Basualdo.

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howeverThe quorum was not completed in the corridors of the heads of practical works and graduates on Wednesday. The second unsuccessful vote in medicine coincides with a rally by members of the Nutrition Campus, to which members have been added at an increasing rate. The The protest is from teachers who are “intern” or “teacher” who are actually teaching classes, a type of employment they consider “totally risky” because they have not been appointed to any position.

Amidst the political tension, the session started again, and this time the councilors were called on April 15 at 9.

Other colleges that already have deans for the next four years are: Veterinary sciences, astronomical and geophysical sciences, economics, dentistry, computer science, engineering and architecture.