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The Antonov, the world’s largest plane, is flying again thanks to Microsoft

Already a year has passed since the destruction of the famous An-225. While his recovery is being worked on, the Antonov, the world’s largest aircraft, is taking flight again thanks to Microsoft and its simulator. Microsoft Flight Simulator.

On February 27, 2023, new content was made available to X-Box users that allows virtual pilots to take on the challenge of controlling this massive aircraft, and at the same time helping to bring it to life.

Many classic planes have already been restored in the game’s virtual sky. But in this case, every penny of the $19.99 free add-on goes toward rebuilding efforts so we can see Antonov fly again in real form.

It was the world’s largest plane with six engines and was built in the 1980s to carry the Soviet Space Shuttle. Later, it became the largest freighter, with twice the capacity of a Boeing 747 jumbo.

The massive six-engine craft, about 275 feet 7 inches long, was built in the 1980s to carry the Soviet Space Shuttle and was the only one of its kind ever completed.

Although very useful for cargo voyages, one of its problems is precisely its size. Only 35% of airports have capacity to receive aircraft and operating costs approach $1 million per flight.

How is your rebuild process?

At the end of 2022, the manufacturer revealed that it was progressing the works in a secret location and that the assembly of the aircraft had already – at that time – reached 30% of the planned work. The new aircraft will be assembled using parts from an incomplete second airframe, as well as parts from the first aircraft and other new components.

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